Goals, Goals, Goals

January has left us and February is here. Winter? What’s that? We really haven’t had much of one so far, though our severe weather does tend to hit in February and March.

So, how did I do in January? Not too bad, if I can say so honestly. The original Jan goals post is here. And here they are, marked appropriately for completeness.

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. sew a schoolhouse tunic for me.

3. make 2 blankets for the gift stash. (both of which are likely to be given away this month, too!)

4. blog 10 times. (this is the second time in January)

5. make ย morning and bedtime routines habits (getting easier each day)

6. finish Doctor Dโ€™s pants (2 down, 1 to go)

5. establish a reward system for my own chore chart.ย  I made chocolate pudding for myself since I checked off a majority of the boxes on my chore chart. Yeah, I know… I was pretty easy on myself.

I picked up a project for a company I work for (its a kinda new thing for me) that was a bigger project than I’ve ever done before, and life got quite busy for a bit. Like the last 2 weeks of January. Things are a bit more normal now, though I’m finding that doing these projects is going to require a new normal. That doesn’t surprise me though.

As for the tunic… well, I made it, but haven’t quite finished the hems. See, its a bit too big….

school house tunic

I’m telling Doctor Destructo to not mess with the tripod. Yep, got to use the tripod today!

This is it. Worn over 2 tee-shirts and a sweater. It might make a nice maternity top, should that blessing come along again. But I think I’ll finish the hems and put it away. I was thinking about taking it apart and adjusting the size to fit better, but decided against that, it just feels like too much right now. I do want to figure out how to adjust clothing and patterns to fit better.

I didn’t get any blankets made. Argh, I’m so behind on baby gifts.

I’m thinking about February now. I figure I need to consider that February is a shorter month, so keep goals reasonable. I also want to keep working on habits that promote discipline. I’ve started getting up earlier, and I’m participating in the Hello Mornings Challenge, and those morning and evening routines sure help the day get started well. So, with all that in mind…

February Goals

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. Finish reading “Sheet Music” (by Kevin Leman, I started it a year or two ago. Yeah, I do that with books!)

3. Get caught up on baby gifts (blankets) and make 1 more gift for the stash.

4. Blog 10 times in February.

5. Keep up with morning and bedtime routines.

6. Get up at 6 am on weekday mornings. (which means getting to bed before 10 pm!)

7. Sew a simple skirt for myself. or somesuch simple, simple no more than 4 seams to sew. Maybe fleece pants.

Anybody else have goals they can talk about? I really do enjoy reading about them! Post a link in the comment if you’ve got something. Or just leave a comment with what you are working on.

And now, I’m off to lounge this Saturday morning.


  1. You rock Rachael. My February goals are: Have my birthday, haha. Seriously though my goals are: 1. make bread (I’ve decided to try and make our own bread instead of buying it. The boys are really the only ones who eat sandwiches so it isn’t like I’d have to make tons) but I won’t be too hard on myself if I buy a loaf too. 2. Exercise more. 3. Try cutting the boys hair myself (?) This one has a BIG question mark because, honestly, I would be thrilled to not have this chore. Going to get Julian’s hair cut is one of the MOST stressful things to do, for me and him. So I thought MAYBE he would handle it better if I just buzzed it all off here at the house, very attractive look, but hey he’s only 3. 4. Finish prepping my raised beds in the garden. That’s about it for my February project goals! ๐Ÿ™‚ As always, LOVE reading your blog!

    • Go Katie! As for buzzing hair, that’s what Hubby does with his, and I’ve cut Doctor Destructo’s hair three times. The key, it seems is to have some small treat to help them deal with the vibration… e.g. chocolate chips, tick tacks. I have used the longest comb and the ear combs for the sides. It does take practice, I did better the third time, though I still left a longer chunk on top. But because I’m doing it and not paying for it, I feel like I can do it as often as I want and he will let me.

      Good luck and we should check in on each other in a week.

      • When Julian was between 12 months and 2 years I cut his hair…it looked awful because I would have to do it when he slept! Then we started getting it done at one of those kid hair cut places after he was 2. He wasn’t wild about it but if he sat in Jon’s lap and we gave him M&Ms he was…okay, sort of, which means not TOO much screaming/crying. Then we moved to Oklahoma and he’s a bit older…and it is just awful. He’s NEVER let me really comb or brush his hair (so we try and keep it pretty short). He HATES having his hair washed…never has been okay with it since birth, I mean full-on screaming and crying, refusing to sit. This goes beyond him just being three and/or it being a matter of ‘mis-behavior’ and trying to get his way. I’ve even contemplated calling a therapist or someone who works with autistic kids just to see where kids with serious sensory issues go to get their hair cut! (Julian isn’t autistic but his head is really sensitive.) Anyway, I think he will sit a bit more comfortably during a haircut in our own home. I don’t expect it to be easy but hopefully not as stressful for him. We’ve finally figured out a way to get him to tolerate hair washing but haven’t figured out a way to make a hair cut tolerable…maybe this is the answer! (I’m open to suggestions!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Once I get some hair clippers I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. Update! I cut Jack and Julian’s hair yesterday. Jack sailed through like a pro…I didn’t even need Jon home to hold him, Jack even let me trim up the edges with the scissors (I bought a hair trimming kit with the hair buzzer thing with all the attachments) afterwards! Julian…well, let’s just say he did a little better than when we have gone to a kid’s hair salon. It is still traumatic for him, but perhaps less so at home. Overall, I’d say doing it at home, while not the most attractive cut (because I am not experienced at this!) is (as Martha would say) ‘A good thing’! ๐Ÿ™‚

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