Having it all together

I wrote this draft in February of 2014. On reflection, I realize how very much was going on. I was dealing with ‘weening blues’… Little Man had started weening the fall before and it was wrecking havoc on my hormones. We were wanting to try to get pregnant again, which meant we needed Little Man to finish weening, give my hormones a chance to settle down, then we could see what would happen. With that in mind, here’s what I wrote:

My dad gave me a great compliment the other day… he said “I’m so proud of you. You’ve really got it together and you don’t get overwhelmed, stressed out, or depressed over the business of life.” I felt an odd need to defend myself in that I don’t have it all together, I do get overwhelmed, stressed out and grumpy over all of it. But the Hubby-man is amazingly able to help me pull it together, get a few things done, and move on.

I’ve had several projects recently (as in late 2013) that I reached an “ARGH!” point where I stressed, freaked out, and verbally vomited all over Hubby-man. He is so effective at helping me deal in these situations that those outside our family rarely see the moments. And they are short lived, as in less than an hour usually.

It struck me, though, when Dad complimented me, that others might see me in the same light. And I desire that people know I don’t always have it together, but I try to be proactive about living life intentionally and living life in a state of peace and joy. As I thought over this, I realized my general ability to get back on track comes from three different areas, and I thought I’d discuss each area in turn. Today, the practicals of getting a handle on life at this point in life. Tomorrow, the foundations of having the right perspective on getting a handle on life. Day after, how knowing yourself helps a ton in getting a handle on life.

The practicals of getting a handle on life at this point in life
In light of the many flopped 2013 goals, my primary ‘goal’ for 2014 was something to the effect of ‘get a handle on life’. I flopped on so many of my 2013 goals that I decided to not make any such goals for 2014. For those who know me, they know that this is revolutionary and very out of character. I am a goal setter, list maker achiever. But before you start to wonder who this is and where did the Mom-mom go, I did decide to work on 1 or 2 habits each month this year to help me ‘get a handle on life’. And there were several things I decided to stop doing. So, here’s how 2014 is different…

  • No goals. Having a 2 1/2 year old (who turns 3 in May) around means less time for projects of the ‘no, you can’t be involved’ sort. My goals tend to be oriented in this way. Yes, I’ll still do some sewing and other projects, but I take them on as I have time and inclination. I’m not setting out a set of them as goals to do in 2014. Its just the right time of life to work like this. At least for me it isn’t.
  • Work on establishing good habits. For example, for January, I focused on daily routines and regular exercise. And, I’m working on the same habits in February since I felt that I didn’t really establish these as habits yet.
  • Not gardening. I love getting out in the soil, planting, watching things grow. I don’t like getting up early to water and weeding. I certainly love the idea of canning and preserving and having a store of food that we raised ourselves. But really, this is a family project. I’m so thankful I have the freedom to just buy my fruits and veggies and meat from the store and be done with it. I will garden again, just not in the near future.
  • Sometimes laundry stays piled in the living room for a day or two (or three). Sometimes the floor of the dining room gets a bit grimy. In other words, I’ve figured out what things I can live with and when I need to slack on something, I have a few things I can slack on without feeling guilty.
  • Remind myself often that most tasks are not huge tasks that take a long time to do. They are relatively quick. Rotating laundry. Wiping off the table. Putting books away (goodness, I’m as bad about having stacks of books around as Little Man is!). Making the bed. Vacuuming. Sweeping. Flylady teaches “You can do anything in 15 minutes (except whine).” Sometimes, I have to verbally remind myself, “this is a 5 (or less) minute task”.

I figure that as life progresses and our situation changes, I’ll have to make more adjustments. It might be that in 2015, I’m ready for goals again, and that might not happen till 2016. And I’ve decided I’m gonna be good with that. It helps that I know what’s important.

The key here is that I stepped back from what wasn’t working (making goals) to consider why it might not work (full time caretaker and Mom-mom of a little, sleep deprivation at times, general natural tendency) and how I might still get to where I want to go.

I’m inclined to say that if you feel like you don’t have a handle on life, work on some simple routines first. Simplify your general expectations (any other perfectionists out there?). Cut out extra projects/tasks (simplify!). Figure out what is truly important and focus on those things. (more on that tomorrow)**

**I didn’t end up doing more on this series. I might pursue it, especially now that I’ve come through that time, found my feet and am finding myself *feeling* rather stable. Just remember, no matter how together someone seems, they probably aren’t *that* well put together.

Writing Inspiration — goals and excuses

I have felt a complete lack of inspiration when it comes to blog writing lately. Please note that its been nearly 2 full weeks since I last put up a post. I’m sure I’ve had witty thoughts, inspiriting words to write and interesting articles, but none have lasted long enough to make it into the post editor. Maybe that’s  my problem? Maybe I should be writing the posts in evernote.

Anyhoo, one day this last week, I found I had the best excuse ever for the complete lack of inspiration and energy. I’m pregnant!

Yes, let me holler that a bit louder and more clearly. I’M PREGNANT!!!!!

And the timing is just about perfect as far is it being an excuse for not blogging. God’s timing is perfect in other ways, too, though I doubt He intended to give me an excuse for not blogging over that two week period.

I should still have some goals for May, right? After all, there are birthdays this month that require some sort of gift like object (little boy and a nephew), one of the languishing baby blankets is for a friend who’s hubby got a job (yea!) and is moving this summer (boo!), and June is quite out for getting much other than survival done. I’ve worked out to teach some swimming lessons that month — though that gets one goal done, “swimming lessons for little boy”.

Of course, I also need to be sure and tell the story of our journey to grow our family. And post #500 is quickly approaching and there is the sense that it should be some deep/insightful/exciting kind of post. We’ll see.

As for April goals, I did okay.

  1. Write Hubby a love note (though it was by email, that still counts, yes?)
  2. Work on morning devotion habit (a bit of Bible study, a bit of prayer)
  3. Finish the 2 very late baby blankets (since both babies are born!)
  4. Read 2 new books.
  5. Keep up the blog habit (2x a week!)
  6. Work on being intentional with my time.

Yeah, I think I did okay. In fact, I read way more than 2 new books as I jumped for the ‘ultimate homemaking e-book bundle’ last week. 97 e-books. I’ve made it though a slew of those books, though some I stopped reading after a  page or two when I figured out I wasn’t so interested in that book. (note to self: I should review these books as I read them)

May goals…

May will be about maintenance. Maintain habits, maintain house, that sort of thing. And I’ll dabble… in sewing, reading books. And I’ll aim to post about them along the way.

I love the idea of making goals and working towards them, but that seems to be what is first to go when my energy lags or life gets busy. I must remember to make the goals work for me, not be a slave to them.

And Happy Mother’s Day! I got a great mother’s day gift this year…. a positive pregnancy test. 😛 Any other fun gifts?


Blowing the Budget and Goal reflections

Yes, this is how this week has been. I’ve been so tired all week, I think from just finishing 2 projects with AB (never (?) doing 2 at the same time again!), in laws in town (free childcare!) and a beautiful spring. Yeah, I haven’t wanted to do *anything* this week. Today, along with the beginnings of a cold, I feel renewed energy to look at life and get back on the bandwagon. You’d think I’d have learned by now, after 35 years, that this ebbing and flowing of energy is quite normal and, likely, healthy. All that to say that I don’t think I’ll get everything on my April goal list done in April, but I’ve got good excuses.

As for the grocery budget — yep, I very much blew it this month. And the quarter cow was ready. I’m treating the cost of the cow differently this year, though I might change it if Hubby or someone else thinks this isn’t a fair way.

Okay, details…  In all its glory, my April grocery spending:

9-Apr sams 126.77
4-Apr walmart 14.53
2-Apr HEB 27.15
17-Apr sam’s 26.44
16-Apr HEB 50.63
17-Apr HEB 4.3
6-Apr atwoods 10.72
23-Apr sams 39.54
23-Apr walmart 16.18
21-Apr HEB 16.99
27-Apr WAlmart 13.64
27-Apr HEB 36.39
27-Apr Meat House 8.41
27-Apr Meat House 34.41 412.92
total 391.69

I splurged and got some amazingly yummy and spicy breakfast sausage at the Meat House. I ought not have (one way that being on a cash envelope system would save me).

The $412.92 was the quarter of a cow. I’ve divided that out over 12 months, and each month there will be an automatic $34.41 debit. I’ve also created a sheet to keep track of my use of the beef. When I picked up the meat, I got a list of all the packages, so I figured how many packages a month (or packages per X months) I can use to finish it all in a year. If nothing else, meal planning is simplified (sort of. I need to figure out new ways to using sirloin and t-bones rather than just grilling. maybe.)

The crockpot is now running with roasted bones to make bone broth. I’ll boil it down to really-really concentrated after I’ve leached all the goodness I can out of those bones. In last year’s cow, I got 2 packages of ‘soup bones’. And this year I got 2 packages again. I tried using the ‘soup bones’ to make stew, but the meat was really a bit wonky and tough, so into broth making they go. We’ll see how the addition of a bit of meat affects the broth. I suspect that the broth will be more meaty, but we will see!

Now, sweet readers, you have a job. First, how is your April food budget shaping up? Second, how can I help you gain control over that food spending? Do you want to/need to spend less?

Monthly Goals: updates and new ones

Yeah, we are a week into April and I’m only just now figuring out April goals. Upon the return from our trip, I hit the ground running. I picked up 2 projects with my job, one of which has been eating my lunch until yesterday. I finally hit my stride, which means it’s not taking hours (like 3 or 4) to do the work (only 2, which is the expected time frame). Which is very nice.

So, March — I did okay.

  1. Write Hubby a love note
  2. Finish 2 books that are currently in progress
  3. Limit online dinking to 1 hour a day (total)
    1.  Sort out blogs in reader to only the ones I really read and are good for me
    2.    Unsubscribe emails – erewards, one roast veg
  4. Finish Baby girl’s blanket, finish Green Baby’s blanket
  5. Finish wrap skirt

Yeah, I fell through on the really important goal! Argh.

Since the start of April, I did finish 2 baby blankets for the twins that were unexpectedly born early. Two girls, who are doing well right now.

I finished the wrap skirt, but it is just too small. The friend who has sent me the pieces, all already cut out, is smaller than me. Bummer, because the material is just gorgeous.

gorgeous fabric. too small wrap.

gorgeous fabric. too small wrap.

Okay, April goals.

  1. Write Hubby a love note
  2. Work on morning devotion habit (a bit of Bible study, a bit of prayer)
  3. Finish the 2 very late baby blankets (since both babies are born!)
  4. Read 2 new books
  5. Keep up the blog habit (2x a week!)
  6. Work on being intentional with my time

Other things that are going on around here include the garden, visiting in-laws, adoption education class next week, 1 major and 1 minor work project, a crazy and very active little boy who loves to be outside, and one tired mom-mom who ought to go on walks more often. Let’s just say that life is a bit busy right now. Luckily, its busy with things that I quite enjoy (or love very much!)

What in the world is dinking?

So, after making ones of my March goals ‘limit online dinking to 1 hour or less each day’, I realized I needed to define ‘to dink’. I have a wide variety of tasks I do online, including email checking, blog reading, picture uploading, and project working for AB. Not all of these are dinking, in fact, very little of it is dinking. As I considered this concept of dink, I realized that dinking is purposeless, done out of boredom, random.

Therefore, I think my true goal is something more like ‘use facebook, email, google reader, pintrest, etc for mere distraction or boredom alleviation for, at most, 1 hour each day’ .

Purposeful use of facebook, email, google reader or pintrest won’t count as dinking. (Can being on pintrest ever be not-dinking? Yes, I check in with my HelloMornings Challenge group on facebook, and post links to my blog, and communicate with others.)

Of course, I could just be completely off base and in left field. What do you think?

And then I googled the word ‘dinking’ and found its already got several definitions to it. Consider this a new lexical item.

Goals, Goals, Goals

January has left us and February is here. Winter? What’s that? We really haven’t had much of one so far, though our severe weather does tend to hit in February and March.

So, how did I do in January? Not too bad, if I can say so honestly. The original Jan goals post is here. And here they are, marked appropriately for completeness.

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. sew a schoolhouse tunic for me.

3. make 2 blankets for the gift stash. (both of which are likely to be given away this month, too!)

4. blog 10 times. (this is the second time in January)

5. make  morning and bedtime routines habits (getting easier each day)

6. finish Doctor D’s pants (2 down, 1 to go)

5. establish a reward system for my own chore chart.  I made chocolate pudding for myself since I checked off a majority of the boxes on my chore chart. Yeah, I know… I was pretty easy on myself.

I picked up a project for a company I work for (its a kinda new thing for me) that was a bigger project than I’ve ever done before, and life got quite busy for a bit. Like the last 2 weeks of January. Things are a bit more normal now, though I’m finding that doing these projects is going to require a new normal. That doesn’t surprise me though.

As for the tunic… well, I made it, but haven’t quite finished the hems. See, its a bit too big….

school house tunic

I’m telling Doctor Destructo to not mess with the tripod. Yep, got to use the tripod today!

This is it. Worn over 2 tee-shirts and a sweater. It might make a nice maternity top, should that blessing come along again. But I think I’ll finish the hems and put it away. I was thinking about taking it apart and adjusting the size to fit better, but decided against that, it just feels like too much right now. I do want to figure out how to adjust clothing and patterns to fit better.

I didn’t get any blankets made. Argh, I’m so behind on baby gifts.

I’m thinking about February now. I figure I need to consider that February is a shorter month, so keep goals reasonable. I also want to keep working on habits that promote discipline. I’ve started getting up earlier, and I’m participating in the Hello Mornings Challenge, and those morning and evening routines sure help the day get started well. So, with all that in mind…

February Goals

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. Finish reading “Sheet Music” (by Kevin Leman, I started it a year or two ago. Yeah, I do that with books!)

3. Get caught up on baby gifts (blankets) and make 1 more gift for the stash.

4. Blog 10 times in February.

5. Keep up with morning and bedtime routines.

6. Get up at 6 am on weekday mornings. (which means getting to bed before 10 pm!)

7. Sew a simple skirt for myself. or somesuch simple, simple no more than 4 seams to sew. Maybe fleece pants.

Anybody else have goals they can talk about? I really do enjoy reading about them! Post a link in the comment if you’ve got something. Or just leave a comment with what you are working on.

And now, I’m off to lounge this Saturday morning.

Goals vs resolutions, and January

I read in a blog this morning, “I like the idea of goals versus resolutions. It may seem like semantics, but goals bring with them the elastic sweatpants of life. There’s room to make mistakes. Resolutions are a bit more rigid. They split open easily. And when they do, you feel really, really bad about yourself.” and I realized that quote embodies many of my thoughts as well on goals versus resolutions.

Now, on to January. Year goals are great, but you’ve got a whole year to reach them. I am far enough along in the process to know that I need to determine what chunk I can do in one month (and there is the weekly planning, and daily planning…..)

For January, I hope to reach/finish these goals:

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. sew a schoolhouse tunic for me.

3. make 2 blankets for the gift stash. (both of which are likely to be given away this month, too!)

4. blog 10 times. (this is the second time in January)

5. make  morning and bedtime routines habits (getting easier each day)

6. finish Doctor D’s pants (2 down, 1 to go)

5. establish a reward system for my own chore chart.

Other kinds of things I’m thinking about include the thought that I should keep track of what I read so that I can make more concrete goals about this in the future. Kinda hard to make a goal to read “more” when you don’t know what you read now.

Of course the hard part is not being to overly ambitious. Though they aren’t goals, I still have basic everything kinds of things to do, like laundry and making dinner. And taking Doctor D outside to play.


Anybody else working on goals for this month?

New Starts

2013 has begun! And we are well into it now.

I am one who really enjoys looking back, reminiscing, and planning ahead. I am a perfectionist and I strive to reign in that tendency, in general,  but it serves me well as I’m always striving to improve the various aspects of my life. And one thing my perfectionism pushes me to is write out goals.

I love new starts. Its a chance to start from scratch, to start over, to start with a clean slate. I know a new year isn’t quite a “clean slate”, but it seems to be a good time to think through goals and such, as everyone else is, too. Of course, I love the idea of cleaning out the whole house and cleaning like a mad-woman, but I don’t. So, I know that what I love to do isn’t necessarily a good thing to do.

So, onto goals. I’ve been reading and following moneysavingmom.com, and the author there has prompted me to get really specific. She’s got some good stuff about the whys and wherefores of creating goals and how those goals will benefit you. And so, here I go.

Marriage Goals

1. Write Hubby a love letter each month.

2. Read 2 marriage books this year.

3. Keep our bedroom picked up and looking nice. (its a dump-all place right now)

Parenting Goals

1. Establish (and maintain) a daily routine with Doctor Destructo that includes reading and playing together and doing chores together.

2. Help Doctor D establish a set of chores that he does regularly.

3. Do swimming lessons this summer with Doctor D.

Personal Goals

1. Get up at a regular time that is earlier than Doctor Destructo.

2. Do the morning routine and bedtime routine everyday.

3.Figure out a good daily routine/rhythm (see parenting goal #1).

4. Make one new wardrobe item a month for me.

5. Set and maintain reasonable online limits.

6. Have a daily devotional/quiet time.

7. Plan meals 2 weeks out.

8. Create and maintain a gift stash.

9. Blog twice a week.

There are some details to figure out, but I will do those as I go. I grabbed the current Bundle of the Week, which has The Confident Mom planner, which will help some. And I’m excite to read the other books, too! And, please don’t laugh, I create a chore tracker page for me… yes, I so very much like checking things off, so I chart where I can check off when I swept the floor that day, or I ate breakfast (yes, that’s a hard one for me). I figure I can put on the chart something I struggle with each month and I can reward myself when I have so many days (or what-have-you) checked off.  Maybe I make a treat I love (chocolate pudding?) when I have checked 75% of the boxes. Something like that.

I’ve linked up with moneysavingmom.com where we are sharing our 2013 goals. I’d love feedback and new ideas if you have any!

Finally, making a few resolutions

So, here it is, January 4, and I’m finally figuring out what I want to accomplish in January.

I have good reasons for the lateness. We were driving on Jan 1 and 2, and Jan 3 was about unpacking, settling in and loving on Hank (who was all lonesome for 12 days! — someone did stop in every other day to feed and water him, but it wasn’t us).

For January —

1. Do a Weekly Home Blessing once a week (create the habit)
2. Make a pair of pants for myself
3. Expand the diaper stash with some new, slightly larger diapers
4. stitch up the inserts (micro-fiber terry cloth, very absorbent stuff, but frays like crazy)
5. Start spring seedlings

Last Minute Goals

So, here it is, New Year’s Eve, and I have given little to no thought to 2012 goals and such. Well, I have some — if you remember the “make your own clothes” resolution — that was some thought. So, here I am, on New Year’s Eve, scrambling to consider 2012 goals/resolutions. Well, I guess I don’t have to scramble if I don’t want to. But alas, I am just like that.

First things first. How did I do with 2011 goals?

2011 goals started here — http://youngernews.blogspot.com/2010/12/to-resolute-or-not-to-resolute.html

If you follow the “goals” tag, you’ll notice that I did really well at thinking about and following up on goals until…. April. Those who have looked at this blog (or know me) know that little Peanut (who is getting an official new nickname sometime soon — ideas floating around) was born mid-May. And he completely threw my goal keeping for a loop. Ah, well, he is worth it.

And then he, Peanut, interrupted this blog post with the biggest poo-splotion we’ve had in several months.  Ah, well, he is worth it. (Yes, this happened just now. Hubby felt the need to announce it, as he assisted in the clean up.)

Goals Updates

I’ve been thinking about getting a blog post up, but was having a hard time deciding on a good topic. Baby and diapers dominate most of my thinking, time and creating moments (working on diapers). So, lets consider goals.

This goals update post is motivated by several things:
Hubby asked when the last time I blogged was;
I’ve been trying to think of a non-baby, non-diaper topic;
I purchased and have been reading “Large Family Logistics“. (no, I don’t have a large family yet, but I’m hoping for more kids — in due time, of course)

The author discusses the establishing of goals, which reminded me of my previous made goals from earlier this year, last posted about in April.  But then May got away from me, and June is a blur, so here we are at July.

Of previous goals:

  • February Lady Sweater still isn’t finished.
  • I *should* have done more diaper prep. We’ve used more disposables than I wanted (but not had to buy any, at least). I’m slowly getting it together, though.
  • Zone cleaning and general house keeping continues, though at a slower rate than even before. 
For July:
  • Round out the diaper stash. I’ve got 4 in the works (using suedecloth, not fleece!)
  • Figure out a good house keeping routine that works with me being home full time and having a baby (this deserves its own post which it will get when I review “Large Family Logistics” when I finished reading it)
  • Ride bike (stationary) 20 minutes 3 times a week
  • Prep garden for Fall plantings
    • tomato plants
    • corn
    • Uncle Chuck’s beans
    • herb plants
    • Lettuces and spinach
I have to remember, I might be home full time, but I’m almost as busy as before with the baby. Must not let goals get the better of me.

April Goals

It seems only reasonable that April goals should include a great deal of baby preparation, as he is due Mid-May. I’m working hard to keep in my mind that he could come plus or minus 2 weeks of that due day of May 12 — as early as April 28 or as late as May 26. Ambiguity tends to stresses me, so I’m working hard to not think about it too much. Nonetheless, seems only reasonable to aim to have all ready this month.

We are well stocked with baby boy clothes. All borrowed and hand-me-downs. Bummer is many of them are for cooler weather, not the 90s+ that hit in May and June. 

Thus, I need to….
1. pack my bag and Hubby’s bag for the hospital stay.
2. set up the pack and play or borrow a bassinet from a friend. (got some options here, crib is optional till baby is a tad older)
3. make sure we have either flats (diapers) or other options for those first few days. We are thinking to use disposables till the meconium phase is past, due to its tar-like nature (so I’ve heard). But, I don’t expect to get much sewing done in those days, so I plan to have some cloth options ready before baby is born.
4. put all the paper filing back into the closet, even if its not p*rfect. I think having the nursery floor mostly clear will be good.
5. Put up curtains in the nursery… or will the bright sunlight not bother baby?

Specific goals to work on….
1. Keep going with zone cleaning. I divided the house into zones and wrote out some cleaning goals for each zone.
2. Get baby goals done.

I’ve seen urbanknits April goals. Do you have any monthly goals? Updates for earlier established goals?

Review of March goals

Hmmm… March is over with, and it slipped by without my notice. Well, I did notice, but it was all in relationship to how far along my pregnancy is and how far away the due date is.  Its been a rough month, in general. My emotions are volatile (must be hormones, right?), and at least once, I broke down into tears for very little reason. I’ve struggled to keep up with school work and house work from just being tired (emotional doesn’t help).

But, on the up side, its been a ton of fun feeling baby move more often and, occasionally, more forcefully. And some of my grumpiness is from general uncomfortableness that comes with having a baby who just doesn’t fit as well as he used to. The baby got me in the ribs about 4 weeks ago; its better now, but, oooo boy, did it hurt at certain points.

Anyhoo, on to March goals. I posted them here originally.  Let’s see…

1. February Lady Sweater still isn’t finished. When I have time to knit, I’m just not inclined to work on it. It has warmed up (spring = hot here), so no sweaters will be worn any time soon. Perhaps, I’ll just set it aside for now.

2. I have sorted and decluttered lots of paper from the former office closet. Its not done yet, but well on its way.

3. We put in 2 tomato plants, a habenero and 4 jalapeño plants last weekend and did some weeding then. But I’ve not be outside as much as I’d like…. my excuse? Too busy, really, or too distracted.

4. I’ve gotten a picture in almost every post! One goal reached (almost).

(and for this post…)

We said goodbye to the Anaconda this month. Her transmission went out, and we decided she wasn’t worth getting fixed right now. We get a second car this summer or fall, who knows? Maybe a truck?

March goals

Alas, a new month is upon us. One that includes spring break (yea!) and time change (boo!), lots of visits of family (yea!) and warming of the weather (hopefully not too warm). And I must consider and decide on my new set of goals for this month.

Goals? I’ve achieved my goal of sleeping in comfy places, says Hank.

So, far, the knitting goals have fallen through for the most part. The February Lady Sweater still isn’t done, though the crazy colored Dr. Who scarf is hopefully providing joy for someone (sold at the auction Saturday evening).  The household oriented goals have gone better. The kitchen looks nice almost every night and the bathroom is staying cleaner. I really haven’t spent all that much time in the yard, but with warmer weather and more energy, that should become easier*. These results say…. keep knitting goals simple (one goal), household goals could use some challenge and yard goals should be simple.  So, thoughts for March?

1. Finish the February Lady Sweater. Spring break will help.
2. Declutter office closet. The office is becoming the nursery in a week or two, so its all moving somewhere. I know there is plenty in there we don’t need, use or love, so I’d rather relocate it out of the house, rather than taking up space inside the house.
3. 5 minutes a day working in the yard. This might include pulling weeds, planing herbs or easy veggies, or just sweeping off the back porch. The vitamin D will do me good, also.
4. Put a picture in each blog post (random, I know)

What are you goals for March? How are your yearly goals coming along?

*Turns out that with the onset of the 3rd trimester, I was anemic. It took nearly a week, but the iron supplements seem to be kicking in. Its 830 pm and I’m not in bed. That’s a good sign.