Goals, Goals, Goals

January has left us and February is here. Winter? What’s that? We really haven’t had much of one so far, though our severe weather does tend to hit in February and March.

So, how did I do in January? Not too bad, if I can say so honestly. The original Jan goals post is here. And here they are, marked appropriately for completeness.

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. sew a schoolhouse tunic for me.

3. make 2 blankets for the gift stash. (both of which are likely to be given away this month, too!)

4. blog 10 times. (this is the second time in January)

5. make  morning and bedtime routines habits (getting easier each day)

6. finish Doctor D’s pants (2 down, 1 to go)

5. establish a reward system for my own chore chart.  I made chocolate pudding for myself since I checked off a majority of the boxes on my chore chart. Yeah, I know… I was pretty easy on myself.

I picked up a project for a company I work for (its a kinda new thing for me) that was a bigger project than I’ve ever done before, and life got quite busy for a bit. Like the last 2 weeks of January. Things are a bit more normal now, though I’m finding that doing these projects is going to require a new normal. That doesn’t surprise me though.

As for the tunic… well, I made it, but haven’t quite finished the hems. See, its a bit too big….

school house tunic

I’m telling Doctor Destructo to not mess with the tripod. Yep, got to use the tripod today!

This is it. Worn over 2 tee-shirts and a sweater. It might make a nice maternity top, should that blessing come along again. But I think I’ll finish the hems and put it away. I was thinking about taking it apart and adjusting the size to fit better, but decided against that, it just feels like too much right now. I do want to figure out how to adjust clothing and patterns to fit better.

I didn’t get any blankets made. Argh, I’m so behind on baby gifts.

I’m thinking about February now. I figure I need to consider that February is a shorter month, so keep goals reasonable. I also want to keep working on habits that promote discipline. I’ve started getting up earlier, and I’m participating in the Hello Mornings Challenge, and those morning and evening routines sure help the day get started well. So, with all that in mind…

February Goals

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. Finish reading “Sheet Music” (by Kevin Leman, I started it a year or two ago. Yeah, I do that with books!)

3. Get caught up on baby gifts (blankets) and make 1 more gift for the stash.

4. Blog 10 times in February.

5. Keep up with morning and bedtime routines.

6. Get up at 6 am on weekday mornings. (which means getting to bed before 10 pm!)

7. Sew a simple skirt for myself. or somesuch simple, simple no more than 4 seams to sew. Maybe fleece pants.

Anybody else have goals they can talk about? I really do enjoy reading about them! Post a link in the comment if you’ve got something. Or just leave a comment with what you are working on.

And now, I’m off to lounge this Saturday morning.

Book Review: Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Shepherding a Child's HeartShepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A little over a month ago, we participated in the baby dedication at church. The idea is that as parents, we dedicated ourselves to raise our child in the fear and knowledge of the Lord. And the congregation, particularly those that are apart of your life, dedicated themselves to assisting and exhorting you in that endeavor. Its nothing all that fancy, but its one of those rituals or sorts of things that help to impress something on ya.

At the time, we got a gift bag with a certificate, a book and a set of CDs. The certificate went into Peanut’s baby book, the CDs next to the CD player and the book next to my chair.

I have enjoyed this book. At first, I struggled with his writing style. Honestly, its written at a popular level, which means 5th or 6th grade. He writes with short, choppy sentences that could use some editing to make them smoother and more readable. But once I got past that, Tripp has some good things to say.

This is a sort-of discipline book, as in how to discipline and train your children. But, as the title suggests, it about dealing with your child’s heart issues, not just his behavior. The book assumes that the reader is interested in raising children who love God, know God, and are interested in using Biblical methods to raise their children.  The first part of the book provides the foundation and goals of child rearing and the second part discusses the theory and method.

Much of what Tripp says made sense to me. I’d seen this sort of child rearing in the home I grew up in and in a few other homes that I had close contact with. It was nothing new to me, but it was presented in a way that I feel far more confident now to implement these ideas.

Yes, he advocates spanking in specific, controlled circumstances. He lays out the parameters of when, where and how to spank. A spank is a specific tool with specific purpose that is only used in specific circumstances.

Although what Tripp advocates makes sense to me and seem reasonable and wise, I’m not sure I buy his argument that this is the “Biblical” method. The Bible does set out goals for your children, and some basic guidelines… “Fathers, do not anger (or embitter)your children”, “Children obey your parents”, and such. But the Bible doesn’t really lay out specific methods out side of “talk about these things when you rise, when you sit, when you… [you name it]” You can, however, draw out basic priciples. Tripp does this excellently, but then calls them a “Biblical Method”. I think that takes it too far.

So, if you are coming from the same view point of wanting to train your children in the fear and knowledge of the Lord, and you take the same basic worldview, this book has lots of good stuff to tell you. Even if you aren’t on the same page, it’s still good stuff, but you might have such a beef with what he says that you’ll get nothing from it.

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