Goals vs resolutions, and January

I read in a blog this morning, “I like the idea of goals versus resolutions. It may seem like semantics, but goals bring with them the elastic sweatpants of life. There’s room to make mistakes. Resolutions are a bit more rigid. They split open easily. And when they do, you feel really, really bad about yourself.” and I realized that quote embodies many of my thoughts as well on goals versus resolutions.

Now, on to January. Year goals are great, but you’ve got a whole year to reach them. I am far enough along in the process to know that I need to determine what chunk I can do in one month (and there is the weekly planning, and daily planning…..)

For January, I hope to reach/finish these goals:

1. Write Hubby a love note.

2. sew a schoolhouse tunic for me.

3. make 2 blankets for the gift stash. (both of which are likely to be given away this month, too!)

4. blog 10 times. (this is the second time in January)

5. make  morning and bedtime routines habits (getting easier each day)

6. finish Doctor D’s pants (2 down, 1 to go)

5. establish a reward system for my own chore chart.

Other kinds of things I’m thinking about include the thought that I should keep track of what I read so that I can make more concrete goals about this in the future. Kinda hard to make a goal to read “more” when you don’t know what you read now.

Of course the hard part is not being to overly ambitious. Though they aren’t goals, I still have basic everything kinds of things to do, like laundry and making dinner. And taking Doctor D outside to play.


Anybody else working on goals for this month?

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