Menu for the week of April 7 to 13

I’m back on the menu planning bandwagon! I did ‘plan’ a menu last week, but I was so overwhelmed with getting back into town and back to normal life that it never got posted.

Let’s just say I’m quite impressed when folks are able to plan posts for when they are not about to manually post.

Okay, here goes —

Sunday — likely leftovers? unsure… must decide soon!

Monday — Mustard Pork Tenderloin (grilled, likely?), new potatoes (I wonder if I can do these on the grill, too?), salad (greens from my pots out front!)

Tuesday — real, red sauce pizza (I did a white sauce pizza last Friday and though it was good, it didn’t itch the pizza itch for Hubby)

Wednesday — Crockpot Jambalaya (original recipe from, but I’ve modified to fit our tastes)

Thursday — leftovers

Friday — unfried chicken, salad

Saturday — leftovers

What’s on your menu for this week?

One comment

  1. On Sunday, we had grilled salmon, broccoli, and as Julian calls them ‘little noodles’ aka ditalini with olive oil and parmesan.
    Monday – grilled cheese sandwiches & fruit (because I will be out tonight and Jon and the boys are on their own!)
    Tuesday – Oven fried chicken & spinach salad
    Wednesday – Meatloaf & green beans
    Thursday – Breakfast for dinner…probably scrambled eggs or a fritatta & fruit salad
    Friday – Grilled chicken sausage & grilled veggies
    Saturday – Mini cheese pizzas & some sort of vegetable or salad

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