Gardening Time!

This weekend was all about getting the summer garden together. General principle, I’ve been told, is put your tomatoes and other warm weather plants out after Easter. Before Easter, they will freeze. And the week before Easter, it did freeze one night — down to 28′ and that would have knocked any warm weather plant down for the count. And since we were gone over Easter weekend, all the garden prep got left to this weekend.

A most gracious Hubby got out there with Little Man and I Saturday morning and helped get the garden turned. And he finished turning it Sunday morning. Today, I got the transplants put out.

Some reflections on gardening here —

  • I’d love to adopt a no-till method, but I don’t think it would work here. You’ve got to dig out the burmuda grass and other weeds, they are tremendously hardy. And the black clay of our soil is heavy, thick and sticky. And that is in our garden, which has had sand and organic matter added every year for 3 years now.
  • Gardening is *hard* work. And I love it.
  • Little boys love dirt. But even little boys can hit an outside limit.
  • Garlic is confusing! I put a good number in last fall, one batch about 2 or 3 weeks before the second batch. The first batch seems good and grown, but upon digging up one bulb, it hasn’t bulbed out yet. Alas, when!?
  • Taking a risk — we purchased one strawberry plant. Just maybe?
  • I wussed out on starting from seeds. I did start some peppers, but between Little Man and the cats, none of the seedlings made it past seed-leaf stage.
  • I got 5 tomatoes and 4 peppers. 1 pepper is in a pot out front.

And a few pictures —


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