January Goal Updates

From a previous post:

So, for January 2011… my goals are:

(a) Finish the “February Lady Sweater”. I’ve only got the sleeves left, even if I am feeling frustrated with them.

(b) figure out or develop and establish good kitchen habits, including sorting out the pantry regularly, cleaning out the fridge regularly, and do a menu weekly (with shopping list). I am not too far from the weekly menu and shopping list (it happens on most weeks), but the other two need work. My pantry is scary to look in right now and the fridge needs some wiping down.

 Its well past the half way point in Jan, and I think can give a reasonable update. The “February Lady Sweater” isn’t going to get finished, though it is close to done.

For school, there is an auction in mid-February and teachers are asked to supply a teacher-treat for the auction. I quickly got started and planned out a “Crazy Colored Dr. Who Scarf”. Its well on its way and I should have a nice, long scarf by auction time.

As for kitchen habits and routines…. well…. I flaked on the weekly menu this last week, but I never had to scrounch for a last minute meal. The fridge still needs to be wiped down, but I got the pantry nicely organized and sorted. In the process, I found I had 2 extra jugs of soy sauce, 3 unopened mustards, 2 extra jars of mayo, and a slew of other extra items. I aim to keep on extra on hand, but I definitely over-purchased. Luckily, none of it will spoil, and now its organized so I know where everything is at.

Today, I spend time in the master bed room. There were several stacks (hot spots) and hand-me-down baby items stacked around the room that had no home. With my new pillow, there was a stack of pillows in one corner and a end table that had been moved to make room for my new table and workspace (ooo, need a picture of that!). I organized a bit of the closet shelves and made room and put many of the items in the newly created space in the closet. I put clothes away (Hubby did laundry yesterday, Thank you Hubby!), and changed the bed sheets. I also used my flylady feather duster and brushed down the walls and corners (where I can reach). Got a good number of spider webs that had grown.

I like the flylady zones for cleaning your house, I just need to personalize them. Its hard to find time to get all done that I want to get done… the knitting, sewing, planning, etc. Ah, well, all in good time.

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