Babies, diapers and projects

I’m finally feeling like I have the time and energy to live beyond merely feeding and diaper changing; its a nice feeling.

Diaper update:
I’ve not gotten any more diapers made, but with the slew that we have from the hospital, diaper tree and gifts, we are set for another 2 weeks or so. Nonetheless, we have played with our cloth diapers and tried them out. Even with the kissuluves, size 0, it results in the monster bum, though the onsie will still close around it.  As for the one size that my friend Liz has made (and I’ve been working on), I can get them small enough, but the little guy is soooooo skinny it takes some doing.

To be a true one-size, I think we’d need to make our velcro tabs two sided so they can overlap and still attach. Otherwise, it seems to work great.
In other diaper news, about a month ago, I purchased the e-book from I read through part of it, and wondered if I’d paid too much. But today, I went directly to the “washing” section, read and have a plan.Totally worth the money, if only for that section. Sure I could of done the research via google, but with a newborn dominating my time, and recovering from a c-section (which going well, I think), it was worth the price to just open the document and read — no research required.
Of all prep that I did for having a baby, I didn’t acquire much in the way of nursing clothing. So, I’m converting a few tank tops into nursing tops… 
I’ve sewn ribbon from the shoulder strap to the underarm, added a button and cut the pieces apart. 
Babies —
Took me 2 hours to write this post, the little guy refuses to let me put him down, is fussy-fussy, and we have a guest over. Of course, we have a guest, and baby Samuel gets cranky. Ah, breaks my heart trying to figure out how to comfort him, tonight seems to be somewhat solved, but we will see.  We’d hoped to make it church tomorrow, but we will see how tonight goes. Luckily, the past few nights have been good — solid 3 hours at a time. Can’t ask more than that from the little man.


  1. It's very hard to adjust to having anew baby in the house! It's a wonderful time, but nonetheless, a major adjustment of EVERYTHING, especially expectations of what you can get accomplished. Savour your time with baby Samuel when he is small as he will be a toddler before you know it! You'll have a more predictable routine to work with soon, but for now, his job is to eat and your job is to feed and snuggle 🙂 Treat yourself well and rest as much as possible – everything is better with a little rest. Hugs,

  2. Feed-Pat-Rock-Sing-Sleep-Feed-Pat-Rock-Sing-Sleep….repeat…..need I say more? One of the best things I did was join my church's Young Mums Group–at least there I was doing the repetition (above) with other mums! Maybe you could find something similar. The toddler-aged mums could actually sit down while the breastfeeding mums would do the holding-rocking routine after feeding (esp those of us w/ colicky babies–it was the only way they would stop crying). We could still listen to a speaker or take part in a craft to some extent. The 'fellowship' w/ other mums was a lifesaver! And I've stayed friends w/ many of the mums to this day — 19 years later.Every week/month changes with babies, so don't despair, it DOES get 'better'. All of us South African cloth nappy moms have/had the 'big bum' look on our babies and we don't care. For me, it was way before the MCN all-in-one look. I just folded & pulled-in the terry cloth square a bit more for the tiny, skinny leg stages and loosened for the bigger, chubby leg times. Plastic pants over worked for all sizes. Worked fine over here (never had leaks) and I never sewed a thing because I'm strictly a button-and-hem-and-nametag sewer!

  3. I'm not one of those women. For me, you are it now, offering me some insight at least online, for my possible future. :-)(But I could always ask ladies around me and in the family, of course. It's just that reading from a lady on the other side of the world going through what ladies all around the world do… I don't know, it's nice somehow.)I wish you many happy days with your son, and a strength to overcome those not-so-happy ones!

  4. You're welcome….I learned so much by being with other young mums and those who had slightly older children. Inevitably one compares, but in the end, each decision is your (and your husband's) own eg when to wean, how to deal w/ crying, when/how to start solids, how to do toilet training, how to discipline, schooling decisions etc etc. I remember being so in awe of my younger sister, who went back to work when her baby was 4 months old, but expressed her breastmilk and froze it for the sitter/nanny to give in a bottle. She even put up black-out curtains in her law office to express! I was in awe of her, but she said that she was in awe of me who breastfed both my children to their first birthdays. So, it was a mutual admiration society!There are so many 'methods' for this & that! And every baby is different. I might 'parent' my grandchildren one day slightly differently to how I did my own two. Not sure. One thing I know I tried to do was to not talk 'down' to my children eg talk in a normal voice when they were pre-schoolers and also not to use the 3rd person eg say "I want you to do such-and-such" rather than "Mommy wants you to do…" Just my preference. Also, I've read about EC (Elimination Communication) on a few blogs where parents deal with cues for their baby and 'catch' their wees etc. over toilets or sinks….I don't think I could do that, but it sure would take care of the nappy/diaper issue!

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