The smart kitty

Wow — I’m way overdue for a blog post. I’ve started a few and just saved them; I feel they need more, like a picture or two. However, it feels like too much work right now. I’m teaching swimming lessons (which is fun, don’t get me wrong), but so tiring. I ain’t 20 any more. 😦

But some interesting and very funny events have occurred with the kitty this week. We woke up Wednesday (I think) to discover that Hank’s collar is gone. Its a breakaway collar, so not too unexpected. It’s designed to “break away” if ever caught on something. When Hank goes ninja, he is all over the place, jumping and running and flipping, so it surprises me not that he lost it. However, after 2 days of looking in every imaginable place, under even things he couldn’t get under, and on top of things we can’t imagine him getting up to (he surprises us sometimes), we have yet to find the collar. I paid $7 for that collar, and $7 for the tag with his name and my phone number — gone! There aren’t that many places to lose something around here, and Hank is an indoor kitty, so I’m at a total loss as to the collar’s possible location.
On a more positive note, we found something Hank loves more than tuna juice. Now, Hank LOVES tuna juice; I’m guessing he would love tuna, but that part is for us. If Hubby gets the can opener out of the drawer, Hank comes running and will beg, beg, beg, even if its not tuna. But, apparently, tuna is the only thing Hubby opens with the can opener, because Hank comes running. When I feed Tertulian the Red Eared Slider Turtle, who has come home for the summer, Hank regularly begs. One evening, I let Hank sniff the can; Hank stuck his whole head in the can trying to get the food! (I looked, no collar in the can.) I called Hubby to come watch, and shook the can at Hank. Oh, doggy, did he start to frizz. Hank is a rather quiet kitty, doesn’t meow a whole lot…. but for turtle food, he cried with a great voice! We offered Hank a piece of turtle food to see his reaction. Normally, Hank is very timid about taking food from our hand, but this he went after, and will lick your fingers after he’s eaten food if he’s given a chance.
I got a video, not of the greatest quality, of Hank loving on turtle food. Come to find out, turtle food is fish emulsion first and foremost. We have a fish-loving kitty.


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  1. Cats love fish, for reasons beyond me. They simply do. It's the only way we can put some pills into them, too: hide them in the fish.But, huh, where could that collar be?

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