Early Day

Due to weather (which is actually getting better), I came home early from school. I was done with classes, Hubby was done (the uni cancelled everything b/c of the weather), so home we came.

And what do I do?

I’m grading. I figured I should get as much done as possible. My stack for Biology is nearly an inch thick…..  blah. The hard part of teaching is the paper work/administration part. 

Snow Day, *Really*

I guess, so I heard, Waco gets snow about once a year — so far that has panned out true. It seems that old man winter is a cruel old man who seems to forget about us until the end and sends us his “fierce” storms just before winter is done with. Of course, his storms are lessened as they travel south and its really not too bad overall, but seems bad compared to the 80′ weather last weekend.

The rain guage is showing about 3 inches of snow at its lowest drift point.

Foot prints are easily two inches deep under the big oak.

 Its a nice blanket of snow. Tomorrow has a high in the upper 40’s, so I don’t expect it to last beyond then. But we will see!

Snow Days

Well….. its a “snow day” here for us. True, we are a small, private school and people come from all over town and surround communities, but I was surprised to say the least. A winter storm blew in last night, bringing *cold*, rain and hail/ice. I wasn’t looking forward to driving in, least of all over the few bridges we cross to get to school. But the whole day? That’s crazy…. but nice.

What does one do with a snow day? A suddenly free, no commitments kind of day doesn’t spring up all that often in anyone’s life, I’m sure. Here’s what I’m thinking for today:


-finish the grading I brought home and didn’t finish last night (done as of 850 am :D)
-grocery shopping (I have to take Hubby to school anyways, so might as well)
-make a run to the new yarn store that I haven’t visited yet (yeah, yarn store in Waco!)
groceries done, yarn store not found 😦 and home again by 1230 pm
-declutter the jewelry (finished at 915 am!)
-do the mending of a fav sweater and other items I’ve procrastinated on. check!
-vacuum done, yea!

That should keep me busy and it makes good use of the day… I hope. We’ll see how disciplined I can be, though, I am a major procrastinator.

For those who love pictures, oh sister, I’ll see about getting a few during the day. 😀