Favorite Blogs

I seem to be in blog-fog. I’m struggling to figure out what to post about, which is quite strange for me. Maybe I’m just tired. Ah, who knows. I’m sure inspiration will strike soon.

I have a slew of blogs I enjoy reading and thought I’d share those with you.

Marriage Blogs —
http://tolovehonorandvacuum.com/ I love Shiela’s straight forward dealing with marriage and family. She always gets me thinking.

http://www.onefleshmarriage.com/  Brad and Kate have such good insight into relating as husband and wife. I seem to be able to draw something from each post I read.

http://hotholyhumorous.blogspot.com/  J is great! Again, she is straight forward and doesn’t mince words. That’s important to me.

Family Blogs —
http://ourmothersdaughters.blogspot.com/ Auntie Leila is a source of tons of mom-wisdom. Her daughters write fun posts, as well, and I regularly learn something and I’m often encouraged.

http://wantingwhatyouhave.com/ I enjoy reading about Heather’s journey as a mom, a wife, and a woman. She’s frugal, too! She’s even got copies of The Tightwad Gazette.

http://littlehomeinthecountry.blogspot.com/  I have enjoyed following this gal’s journey as a mother and a wife. Last summer, she gardened hugely to provide her family’s veggy needs for the year. And she canned like a mad woman in Aug and Sept.

Sewing —
http://sewmamasew.com/index.php I’m always finding stuff to make here.

http://oonaballoona.blogspot.com/ Oona writes great posts, and makes such fun clothes. I wish I could sew like her! She also posts at Sew Weekly.

Food —
http://tastykitchen.com/ This site is associated with Pioneer Woman, which I also enjoy. I’ve found many, many yummy foods here.

Gardening (and cows) —
http://matronofhusbandry.wordpress.com/ She has cows and gardens. I know an unbelievable amount about rotational grazing and splitting firewood, which I have no use for now. But I learn something every time I read her posts.

Friends —
http://parkerlife04.blogspot.com/ This blog is Katie’s communication about Leah Grace and her progress.

http://hillteatime.com/ Good friends living in south Asia. Amazing pictures.

This is not *all* the blogs I read, just the ones I jump for. What blogs do you jump for?