Spring time shorts

Yes, I’m wearing shorts more often, but this is more short blurbs about life right now. And no pictures of me in shorts because it might blind you. Its still somewhat early spring.

Little Man is still totally in love with water. He is all about water play, which means turning on the hose and watching the water flow. We shut down our raised beds a year ago, and they’ve over grown with grass, but I did dig up a 2’x2′ square so he would have access to loose dirt to play in. Yes, and mud. Since the area was ‘raised’, there is an incline to watch the water flow down as it floods the dug up area. He would stay at that for hours if he didn’t get cold. Yes, the boy has found the ability to get cold… when its 70′, cloudy and he is wet.

2015-04-07 13.42.22

We are doing more ‘science experiments’ these days. Little Man is interested in different things and I’m just going for it. We made Oobleck (even made it green!), a paper mache volcano (we did make it errupt!) and we have three Forest Tent catepillars in a big jar on the table, and a Swallowtail butterfly catepillar also in a big jar on the table. No we aren’t doing any kind of worksheets, but we are learning and talking about the natural world.


I mentioned life being unpredictable lately in my last post. I thought I might offer more explanation of it. For the past year, we have been ‘approved and waiting’ for domestic infant adoption. About 6 months ago, God started working in our hearts to consider embryo adoption. After losing a baby to early miscarriage in June 2013, we are starkly aware of the emotional risk and the resulting grief of losing a baby. We reached a point recently where we realized we were ready to take on that risk and the possibility of such grief. And so, right now, we are in the midst of the application process for embryo adoption.  Of course, we are also doing all kinds of thinking on the ethics of IVF, fertility clinics, and our society’s attitudes towards babies in the embryo stage. Hopefully, I’ll be able to more fully articulate our thoughts, but its such a deep, intense, and sensitive set of topics, its rather scary to approach.

I got a hair cut today. This is monumental because I’ve cut my own hair for the past 5 years. I decided this was what I wanted. My goal is to grow and donate my hair for as long as I can, and this is the 4th time I’ve been able to do this. A before picture….


and after….

Apr 16, 2015 8-17-38 PM

I do think my hair is getting curlier as I get older.

What are you up to?

I have not fallen off the face of the earth

I promise.

I have stayed very busy, though. Not like exceptional busy, just the general busy of always having something to do. Between general house keeping, Peanut, kittens, and maintaining sanity, my days are filled.

Highlights of the past week–

Peanut got a haircut.



He looks like a boy, again! Yea! (Yes, I have ideas like ‘boys have short hair’.)

Kittens get everywhere. Phobos was going after some discarded dinner leftovers. She is the loudest kitty I’ve ever had, and begs, begs, begs.

The kittens love milk…

And go into quite the frenzy if the fridge door is opened. They love muffin, corn, spaghetti noodles, yogurt and most anything else Peanut offers them. He loves to feed them and they have learned that when he is in his seat, there is likely to be crumbs to scrounge. I’ve closed them up in our room more than once so Peanut would eat his food rather than try to feed it to the cats.

Peanut *loves* the kittens. We are working on ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ and he is getting better. He has figured out how to move a stick with a string or ribbon on it so the kitten chases the string (or ribbon) — see above picture.

I’m learning not to leave anything out on the counter food-wise. I’m likely to find one or the other eating the food if I do. You’d think we didn’t actually feed them they way they beg and grab.

In my effort to give ‘good’ gifts (to any child I give a gift to), I’ve decided to make quiet books for the various nephews and one niece (so far). I made Peanut’s cover as a chance to do one and see what I need to figure out. Easy-peasy, especially with the nifty buttonhole foot and stitch on my machine. The machine will even stitch a button on! Woo-hoo!

I did end up making Peanut’s backwards. I ended up stitching it so the strap buttons in the back. Ah, well. That’s why I made one before embarking on making multiples. I figure I’ll aim to give a few pages for the book each birthday and Christmas. I even saw a ‘Star Trek’ themed quiet book on google images. That is so cool… Maybe I can do some Star Wars pages and sorts. Peanut will need a kitten page, for sure. I need to get some binder rings that will hold the pages in (see those little button holes on the right side, those are for the binder rings to go through). This cover is quite floppy and soft, not like most of the ones I’ve seen  floating around on the web. I need to decide if I want the cover stiff, and thus add interfacing, or let it stay soft.

I have lots of page ideas floating around in my  head, and I’ll aim to get pictures and put them up as I finish them. I figure the niece and nephews don’t read my blog so it should ruin their surprise (or will it? hmmm….)