Book Review: the good girl’s guide to great sex

Yep, I’m gonna talk about a book that is about sex! Married sex, of course.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Sheila’s blog,; she writes about marriage, mainly, encouraging women, wives, to live how God has called us to live. This book, her second (I think), is a discussion about all that sex is — all three sides of it: the physical, the spiritual, and the emotion.

Sheila’s desire is to “see families stay together”. Sex is a huge part of keeping married couples together. She says, “If Good Girls could just embrace God’s idea of what sex is suppose to encompass and work on their friendship, their spiritual connection, and the physical fireworks, we’d end many of the problems families face before those problems even begin. We’d be stronger. We’d be happier. (p. 241)”

When we first got married, we read , where the author’s suggest that for the first year, neither person should say “no” to the other when they initiate. We also had , which gives the nuts and bolts. But neither spend time speaking to a woman about how sex works through out her marriage, and how her view of marriage should differ from popular culture. Sheila takes the discussion of sex beyond the wedding night, and beyond the bed, into the reader’s heart.

You can read a run down of the book at her blog and on amazon. I have found this book has challenged my thinking about relating to Hubby, as wife and as friend. I want to encourage every married women to read this book, and think about their role as a godly wife.

Sheila is now giving away a chance to have her at your church (or my church) to speak to women about being wives and, gulp, about sex. I have done all the entries that I can, and will be back each day to do the ones that can be done daily. I would love to meet Sheila and hear her speak! If you attend Fellowship Bible Church of Waco, will you go and do some entries, too? That will up our chances of winning! Of course, if readers who attend other churches do the same, that lowers our chances (I think), but I guess that is okay.