New Starts

2013 has begun! And we are well into it now.

I am one who really enjoys looking back, reminiscing, and planning ahead. I am a perfectionist and I strive to reign in that tendency, in general,  but it serves me well as I’m always striving to improve the various aspects of my life. And one thing my perfectionism pushes me to is write out goals.

I love new starts. Its a chance to start from scratch, to start over, to start with a clean slate. I know a new year isn’t quite a “clean slate”, but it seems to be a good time to think through goals and such, as everyone else is, too. Of course, I love the idea of cleaning out the whole house and cleaning like a mad-woman, but I don’t. So, I know that what I love to do isn’t necessarily a good thing to do.

So, onto goals. I’ve been reading and following, and the author there has prompted me to get really specific. She’s got some good stuff about the whys and wherefores of creating goals and how those goals will benefit you. And so, here I go.

Marriage Goals

1. Write Hubby a love letter each month.

2. Read 2 marriage books this year.

3. Keep our bedroom picked up and looking nice. (its a dump-all place right now)

Parenting Goals

1. Establish (and maintain) a daily routine with Doctor Destructo that includes reading and playing together and doing chores together.

2. Help Doctor D establish a set of chores that he does regularly.

3. Do swimming lessons this summer with Doctor D.

Personal Goals

1. Get up at a regular time that is earlier than Doctor Destructo.

2. Do the morning routine and bedtime routine everyday.

3.Figure out a good daily routine/rhythm (see parenting goal #1).

4. Make one new wardrobe item a month for me.

5. Set and maintain reasonable online limits.

6. Have a daily devotional/quiet time.

7. Plan meals 2 weeks out.

8. Create and maintain a gift stash.

9. Blog twice a week.

There are some details to figure out, but I will do those as I go. I grabbed the current Bundle of the Week, which has The Confident Mom planner, which will help some. And I’m excite to read the other books, too! And, please don’t laugh, I create a chore tracker page for me… yes, I so very much like checking things off, so I chart where I can check off when I swept the floor that day, or I ate breakfast (yes, that’s a hard one for me). I figure I can put on the chart something I struggle with each month and I can reward myself when I have so many days (or what-have-you) checked off.  Maybe I make a treat I love (chocolate pudding?) when I have checked 75% of the boxes. Something like that.

I’ve linked up with where we are sharing our 2013 goals. I’d love feedback and new ideas if you have any!