Price Per Muffin

I got the idea from the tightwad gazette — calculate what it really costs to compare the various forms something comes in (from scratch, off brand, name brand). If I make it at home, I need the cost of the ingredients… so based on the ‘Best Price in Waco‘ prices, here’s the cost per unit of measurement.

–I will add prices as I can.

item/weight per cup*/price per cup

Flour, white/6 oz/$0.24 per cup

oatmeal/4 oz/

cornmeal/6 oz/

sugar/8 oz/$0.31 per cup

brown sugar/ 7 oz/$0.32 per cup

corn starch/5 oz

dry milk powder/ 3 oz
liquid milk/ 8 oz/
cocoa/ 4 oz
baking powder/ 8 oz /$0.768 per cup
baking soda/ 8 oz /$0.248 per cup
cream of tarter/ 8 oz
salt/ 10 oz
raisins/ 4 oz
yeast / 1 tbsp = 0.31 oz / $0.046 per tbsp

*taken from tightwad gazette


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