Best prices in Waco

So, I keep track of what various items cost at different stores. I decided I’d list the best price and where that is that I’ve found. Then anyone with this list will know if (1) they are just paying too much, or (2) a sale is really a sale. I’ve seen ads in sales ad that was actually for more than the regular price of the item! That was out in Los Angeles, but I wouldn’t put it past any marketer.

A few caveats —

–the list is in alphabetic order, but its not exaustive

–most items are broken down to price per oz (or similar measure) so that different sizes can be compared

–the size of the container at that price is in () after the price per

–I hope to add to the list over time as I collect comparisons

So, here goes…

baking powder– Sam’s** at $0.096/oz (60 oz)

baking soda — Sam’s at $0.031/oz (13.5 lb)

butter, salted — Sam’s at $1.97/lb (4 lb, 1 lb boxes, 4 sticks) [butter can be frozen]

butter, unsalted — Sam’s at $1.97/lb (4 lb, 1 lb blocks)

Charcoal — (I’m particular to Kingsford) Walmart (sale price) $0.18/lb (2×15 lb bags); Sam’s (regular price) $0.42/lb (2x20lb bags)

Cheese — sharp cheddar Sam’s $2.50/lb (5 lb block); mild cheddar Sam’s $1.68/lb (5 lb block)

Chicken, boneless, skinless breasts — Walmart (on sale) $1.88/lb, Sam’s (regular price) $1.97/lb (about 8 or 9 breasts in a package)

Chicken, whole — HEB (on sale) $0.88/lb

chocolate chips — Sam’s (Nestle) $0.14/oz (72 oz bag)

corn starch — Sam’s at $0.07/oz (35 oz)

Cream cheese — Sam’s (philedelphia brand) $1.163/lb (box of 6 -1 lb packages)

eggs — Sam’s $0.29/each (18 pk)

Flour, white, all purpose –Aldi’s at $0.238/lb (5 lb bag)

Flour, whole wheat –Walmart (Hodgson Mill) $0.59/lb (5 lb bag) {On Oct 11, 2012 there were only 3 bags left, and I bought 2. Hopefully, they will stock more soon.}

Lunch meat, turkey pastrami — Sam’s $3.24/lb (2 lb box) {this is good stuff, deli style}

milk, whole and liquid — Sam’s at 3.11/gallon (1 gal jug)

mustard, yellow — Aldi’s at 0.05/oz (14 oz jar)

Spaghetti noodles, whole wheat — Walmart $0.88/lb (1 lb bag)

Sugar, white — Aldi’s at $0.3475/lb (4 lb bag)

Sugar, brown — Sam’s (Bakers & Chefs) at $0.72/lb (7 lb bag)

Tomatoes, diced — Sam’s (Hunts) $0.78/can (14.5 oz cans, pk of 8)

Tomatoes, paste — Sam’s (Hunts) $0.49/can (6 ox cans, pk of 12)

unsweetened cocoa powder — Sam’s (Hershey’s) $0.29/oz (23 oz box)

Yeast — Sam’s (Fleischmann’s) $0.15/oz (2 x 16 oz bags, air tight and can be frozen and used directly from the freezer)

Vanilla, pure (not imitation) — Sam’s (McCormick) $0.47/oz

**if an item is from Sam’s, but you either don’t want that much at once or you don’t have a membership, talk to me, we can likely work out splitting it


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