Cycles in daily life

I have a post about unschooling and its underpinnings brewing in my head and in evernote, but that’s going to take a bit of work to finish. And a bit more reading.

Today, I realized that my life (daily life, weekly routines/rhythm) runs in a predicable cycle. Something like this….

life cycle

Now, this more reflects my feelings and my own perception of the situation, not the true fact of the situation. I suspect that someone who is not me would say that nothing actually changes.

Usually, there is some event that precipitates the change from ‘coasting’ to ‘ugh’. Perhaps it a busy week or two, or an illness that slows us all down. It could even be as simple as me forgetting to do something, or a day when I just want to read all day and do nothing else… anything that ‘throws me off my rhythm’.

Having realized this (yes, just today…) I’m thinking I need to figure out how to take the throwing off moments in stride, or working through those stages of ‘ugh’ in the matter of an afternoon (or, be all kinds of supermom and work through the ugh stages in my head in a matter of minutes!).

I’m interested to hear if others experience this kind of cycle or rhythm in their lives and how they deal with it (or perhaps you don’t — oh, to be able to live in such a natural state). How does one deal with children who’s demands don’t fluctuate on the same schedule? Is this a product of my own personality or the way to do things?

and of course, it could be that I’m over thinking all of it.

One comment

  1. YES. This cycle resonates with me completely! I find that I go through it at different stages for various “hats” I wear, as well…I might feel on top of the housework, but despair that my children are rejecting all of my disciplinary efforts. Or things might be coasting along on the family front, but I feel overwhelmed by our social obligations. That doesn’t even factor in the neediness-cycles of the other people in my household! Love this thought about recognizing the ebbs and flows for what they are, rather than letting my feelings determine whether I get to call myself Success or Failure for the day. šŸ™‚

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