School is in the air

Alas, I must finish my homekeeping project… but not today.

So, I’m itching to do some ‘school’. I really enjoy academics and I love to learn. And I love to teach. I just couldn’t help myself when I found (via this fun set of lesson plans: God’s Little Explorers. I figured we could do as much or little as we wanted (joys of doing ‘preschool’ at home!) and have fun with it.

We did Week 1:  “X” Marks the Spot (God’s Word is a Treasure), day 1 today. I think we had fun.

First, I made some ‘binoculars’ for Little Man. He has really enjoyed them, and they are made from a major heavy duty cardboard roll (I have no idea what came on it) that required a knife for cutting. Hopefully, that means it will last longer.

I see you!

I see you!

We went on a walk with the binoculars, and I think Little Man really enjoyed looking at stuff through them.

Little Man has discovered a special joy in running. Just running. Not to get any where, per say, but just to run. So, for some of our walk, we ran. He’s pretty fast. I can still keep up with him fine, but I can’t just walk, I have to jog to keep up. Which does me more exercise for me. Which is good — so I keep telling myself.

Back at the house, we (I) drew a ‘treasure map’ on the drive way. No, Little Man can’t hop yet, but he had fun jumping through the hop scotch.

start here. then hop scotch.

start here. then hop scotch.

On the way through the treasure map, I also drew up a ‘four square’. Not sure if this is what everyone else calls it or not — its where you each stand in opposite squares and bounce a ball to each other. Except that our ball was flat, it was fun. I don’t think the flat ball affect Little Man’s fun.

finish here. Drink water.

finish here. Drink water.

We played outside for a while more. We even watched the garbage truck come by and the guys pick up our garbage. Little Man loves watching them. We came in for a snack… crackers and cheese. I had put out all the cheese sticks as ‘x’s’ on the crackers,  but Little Man promptly took all the sticks off, lined them up and ate the crackers. (He did eat some cheese).

cheese and crackers... yummy!

cheese and crackers… yummy!


I think from here we will do a bit of book reading, and talking about ‘treasures’. I have a few other ideas for fun activities.

I have no expectation that Little Man will learn any letters from all this, its just fun and I enjoy the focus and intentionality of it  — and getting to plan.

I highly recommend Home Preschool and Beyond, both the book and blog. Home is the best place for littles, I think. I don’t think there is anything special you need to do for your child, it is fun for someone like me.


  1. I think I’m going to try this curriculum with Huck this year. He seems really interested in learning his numbers and letters, as well as starting to read. I’ll be curious to hear what y’all do and how Samuel enjoys it!

  2. Well, that day was all we’ve done so far! I guess that was all it took for me to scratch that itch. Maybe I’ll go back and look at the stuff again, I do like the ideas, just felt too formal for us right now. Do try it and see how it goes!

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