I think I’m a ‘busy brain’

I started reading The Common Room several months ago and I’m really enjoying it. On Fridays, the Equuschick has been writing on raising a ‘busy brain’. These are kids who try your patience with their curiosity and perfectionism. They might not do well in traditional school settings (think Einstein and such). From the start, I was rather convinced that I was married to a busy brain and that I’m working to raise a busy brain. As I read and thought, though, I began to think “am I a busy brain?” This link here will take you to the ‘Brainy Friday’ posts, and here is the first post that prompted it all.

I’ve never considered myself particularly gifted, and I struggled to get all A’s in school. I was tested for the Gifted and Talented program several times, but never quite made it in.

But I’ve been paying attention to my own thought patterns lately. They are everywhere. And rather unorganized. I can jump from one topic to the next in no time, without missing a beat. I have strong perfectionist tendencies. Somethings come very easy for me, and other things are quite difficult. I don’t think I’m a classic ‘busy brain’, but then who is, right?

Anyhoo, I started that Homekeeping Strategies Project, and I WILL finish it. Of course, I’ve gotten distracted by picking up an old Greek textbook, CS Lewis’s “The Abolition of Man”, several new Kindle books (free from amazon!), and have even considered working on (might I finish it?) my Master’s Thesis which I never finished because I decided to just take the comp exams and graduate. And I’m thinking about this all while I’m working hard to finish a work project on time, get up early enough to have a bit of planning and a bit of bible reading before Little Man gets up, which means getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and keep my home running smoothly — which includes running after a very active and rather passionate little boy. And not drink too much coffee.

Okay, typing all that made me more tired.

With the start of a new school year, lots and lots of folks are talking about their new start, new routines, new goals and new habits. I, in general, enjoy thinking about these things. But then I think nothing will change all that much for me when school starts so why think on these things too much. But you know what, I will have more of a schedule. HelloMornings (and here) will be full swing starting Monday. Tuesday morning Bible study will start up, likely, in the next few weeks.

Yep, got more think about. I hope to have more on homekeeping strategies up soon!

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