surprised by potty training

Parenthood has brought a fair number of things I never imagined… things I never imagined I’d say “don’t hit the kitty. don’t hit the kitty with the block. Your foot also counts… don’t kick. Your head also counts… don’t hit the kitty with your head” to “that water is ooky, don’t drink it” and any number of phrases I’ve since forgotten.

And I never imagined that I wouldn’t have to be intentional about potty training. When Little Man reached those few months before 2 years, I read a few blog posts about potty training and decided if nothing is happening by the time he is 3 years old, I’d get intentional. I knew lots of kids potty train around 2 years old, but as a little boy, I expected it to happen later. And then, about a week before we leave for a road trip going cross country, Little Man decides he ready to use the potty. I never imagined I’d be discouraging potty use in my now 2 year old, but about 2 1/2 weeks ago I was doing just that.

The trip went well, though there were a few diaper mishaps. I have since discovered that microfiber tends to be susceptible to compression leaks. Apparently, between our trip at the end of March and mid-July Little Man gained enough weight for this to matter. Nearly every diaper leaked while we were driving, but those leaks stopped once we were out and about.

Little Man even used the potty at Grandma and Grandpa’s a few times and earned a few “treats” (a couple of chocolate chips).

Here we are home again, all of 2 days, and Little Man is using his froggy potty independently and on his own initiative. Today, we ran errands and he successfully used the potty twice while out and his diaper was dry for 3 odd hours. Of course that dry diaper streak ended while playing at the children’s museum in town — I had a hard enough time getting Little Man to stop watching the trains long enough to eat a sandwich, and getting to the potty was out of the question. Of course, since we’ve decided to not push it, I didn’t want to fight with him over it.

Of course, excited Mom-mom did purchase a package of XS boxer briefs today.DSCN2245


    • I ran into the same thing. I found that a few brands carried an “XS” size, marked sizes 2 – 4. They are a tad big and if there was a size down, I’d go down a size; but they will stay up. I was at Target, I ended up getting the Hanes Comfort Soft boxer briefs. I thought I noticed that the tighty-whities are sized a bit smaller, but that was just from the waist sizes listed on the back.

      Good luck! I’ve been so glad its summer, and so he just goes naked most of the time — helps that we are home most of the time, too!

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