Finding Normal

Life is finding a new form of normality. Almost 2 weeks ago, I had a d&c to complete the miscarriage. The ultrasound showed no further growth had happened, there was still no heart beat, and that the bits and pieces were starting to deteriorate. Physical recovery from the d&c was longer than I anticipated based on the doctor’s description. Perhaps, sometime I will write a post with more description. The emotional swings (likely from hormonal swings) are leveling out and I’m feeling fairly normal.

I am teaching swimming lessons and this week is quite busy. The ‘big kid’ lessons started this week, and I needed to make up the lessons that canceled last week.

Little Man’s language has taken a swift leap forward. Its a bit scary when all the sudden you child looks at you and says “I drink water.” or “I fall down.” The ‘to be’ verb is present and in the right place about 1/2 the time and when he uses it about half the time the verb is correctly conjugated. Can you tell I’m a linguist? Part of me wishes I kept very careful notes on the progress his language acquisition took. Alas, I was a bit caught up in the every day of being a mother. And I’m fairly confident that wasn’t a bad thing.
Little Man has also, all the sudden, become very interested in using the potty. Hubby’s cousin send two boxes of various kinds of hand-me-downs and one was a ‘potty’ book. Its about a little kid learning to use the potty and leave diapers behind. At first, sitting on the potty was about getting to read this book (we decided we would only read it if he sat on his froggy potty), but now its all about the ‘treat’ he gets if he pees (or poops) on the potty. We’ve let him initiate, and so far its been really a good deal. He loves naked time (what boy doesn’t?) and is catching on that if he will pee in the potty, he can go without a diaper. There are two issues I can forsee: (1) how will pants or shorts stay up on this skinny-skinny boy with a diaper to pad out his bum? and (2) will I ever be able to get him clothed for around the house time? I’m guessing other parents have gone through this and we will weather this ‘storm’ successfully. 😛
Today was my birthday and I asked to go out for ice cream. We went to a place that you order from outside, and they have picnic tables up you can eat at. Its a covered area (shade is so important this time of year!) and when Little Man heard the birds, he says “birds!” and starts looking to find them. When he sees a nest, he declares “nest!” and looks for more of them. It warms my heart to see this! The other day, we were out playing in the pool (small, kiddie pool) and he notices ants. Of course, he declares “ants!”, but then squats down to watch them and talk about them. We talked about what they were doing (gathering food) and where they were going (underground, into their home). My little naturalist!
I made banana chips yesterday/today. I sliced bananas, put them in a bowl, added lemon juice, mixed just a bit, then laid them out of the dehydrator. It took nearly 24 hours on the dehydrator, but they aren’t too bad. Much more ‘banana’ flavored than the ones I picked up at HEB to try. I think Little Man likes them…  He did like the granola on yogurt snack. He can be picky, but he comes by it honestly.
So, what does ‘normal’ look like for you?

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