Blowing the Budget and Goal reflections

Yes, this is how this week has been. I’ve been so tired all week, I think from just finishing 2 projects with AB (never (?) doing 2 at the same time again!), in laws in town (free childcare!) and a beautiful spring. Yeah, I haven’t wanted to do *anything* this week. Today, along with the beginnings of a cold, I feel renewed energy to look at life and get back on the bandwagon. You’d think I’d have learned by now, after 35 years, that this ebbing and flowing of energy is quite normal and, likely, healthy. All that to say that I don’t think I’ll get everything on my April goal list done in April, but I’ve got good excuses.

As for the grocery budget — yep, I very much blew it this month. And the quarter cow was ready. I’m treating the cost of the cow differently this year, though I might change it if Hubby or someone else thinks this isn’t a fair way.

Okay, details…  In all its glory, my April grocery spending:

9-Apr sams 126.77
4-Apr walmart 14.53
2-Apr HEB 27.15
17-Apr sam’s 26.44
16-Apr HEB 50.63
17-Apr HEB 4.3
6-Apr atwoods 10.72
23-Apr sams 39.54
23-Apr walmart 16.18
21-Apr HEB 16.99
27-Apr WAlmart 13.64
27-Apr HEB 36.39
27-Apr Meat House 8.41
27-Apr Meat House 34.41 412.92
total 391.69

I splurged and got some amazingly yummy and spicy breakfast sausage at the Meat House. I ought not have (one way that being on a cash envelope system would save me).

The $412.92 was the quarter of a cow. I’ve divided that out over 12 months, and each month there will be an automatic $34.41 debit. I’ve also created a sheet to keep track of my use of the beef. When I picked up the meat, I got a list of all the packages, so I figured how many packages a month (or packages per X months) I can use to finish it all in a year. If nothing else, meal planning is simplified (sort of. I need to figure out new ways to using sirloin and t-bones rather than just grilling. maybe.)

The crockpot is now running with roasted bones to make bone broth. I’ll boil it down to really-really concentrated after I’ve leached all the goodness I can out of those bones. In last year’s cow, I got 2 packages of ‘soup bones’. And this year I got 2 packages again. I tried using the ‘soup bones’ to make stew, but the meat was really a bit wonky and tough, so into broth making they go. We’ll see how the addition of a bit of meat affects the broth. I suspect that the broth will be more meaty, but we will see!

Now, sweet readers, you have a job. First, how is your April food budget shaping up? Second, how can I help you gain control over that food spending? Do you want to/need to spend less?


  1. Why do you make food purchases every couple days? I try to only go once per week. I need to get more disciplined with my meal planning; that would help me stick to my budget. We do cash envelopes, and when I’m more careful, I have money left over each month. Lately, I’ve been spending every penny, and I want to change that!

    • I often do 2 different days of errands, so I might hit Sam’s on one day, Walmart on that day and HEB on the other day. Little Man can’t handle on the in and out of the car. I’d like to get where I’m at Sam’s once a month, and I alternate Walmart and HEB on opposite weeks.

      Notice these purchases are Tues/Thurs and two Saturdays (Atwoods and Meat House) and 1 Sunday (that was a ‘oh, crap, we need this and this for having guests tonight).

      In conclusion, I’m still, after 7 years of marriage, getting the hang of shopping with a ‘complete’ list.

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