Monthly Goals: updates and new ones

Yeah, we are a week into April and I’m only just now figuring out April goals. Upon the return from our trip, I hit the ground running. I picked up 2 projects with my job, one of which has been eating my lunch until yesterday. I finally hit my stride, which means it’s not taking hours (like 3 or 4) to do the work (only 2, which is the expected time frame). Which is very nice.

So, March — I did okay.

  1. Write Hubby a love note
  2. Finish 2 books that are currently in progress
  3. Limit online dinking to 1 hour a day (total)
    1.  Sort out blogs in reader to only the ones I really read and are good for me
    2.    Unsubscribe emails – erewards, one roast veg
  4. Finish Baby girl’s blanket, finish Green Baby’s blanket
  5. Finish wrap skirt

Yeah, I fell through on the really important goal! Argh.

Since the start of April, I did finish 2 baby blankets for the twins that were unexpectedly born early. Two girls, who are doing well right now.

I finished the wrap skirt, but it is just too small. The friend who has sent me the pieces, all already cut out, is smaller than me. Bummer, because the material is just gorgeous.

gorgeous fabric. too small wrap.

gorgeous fabric. too small wrap.

Okay, April goals.

  1. Write Hubby a love note
  2. Work on morning devotion habit (a bit of Bible study, a bit of prayer)
  3. Finish the 2 very late baby blankets (since both babies are born!)
  4. Read 2 new books
  5. Keep up the blog habit (2x a week!)
  6. Work on being intentional with my time

Other things that are going on around here include the garden, visiting in-laws, adoption education class next week, 1 major and 1 minor work project, a crazy and very active little boy who loves to be outside, and one tired mom-mom who ought to go on walks more often. Let’s just say that life is a bit busy right now. Luckily, its busy with things that I quite enjoy (or love very much!)

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