Geffen Hemp/cotton inserts — a review

I usually review books, but, today, I’m reviewing a diapering product. Yea for variety!

This was the first time I’ve purchased a cloth diaper thing new. I’ve purchased fabric to make various items, and I’ve been given new stuff, but the vast majority of our stash are hand-me-down items.

old and dying hemp inserts

old and dying hemp inserts

The hemp inserts we have are very well used. And they are starting to fall apart. So, I decided to replace them. I looked around, I compared prices, I calculated the cost per layer of material in the insert*, and decided to order the Geffen Baby Super Absorbers. They got washed once before being pressed into service and they worked great from the start. Its recommended to wash them at least 3 times before using, I had special circumstances, though.

the inserts

the inserts

Last night, they were put to the test though. I put 2 into a pocket diaper. Wow, trim.

Yep, only 2. Normally, I would put 1 large hemp insert, 2 small hemp inserts and 1 layer microfiber strip into a diaper and this works the vast majority of the time.

This morning, after nearly 12 hours of sleep, little boy’s pajama pant fronts were damp and I could tell there was some leakage out the top of the diaper. The pj pant top had folded over into the top of the diaper and this diaper (a Haute Pocket) doesn’t have that extra bit of PUL across the top inside.

Conclusion, I’ll add a hemp insert, but, I think, my nighttime diapers will consist of 2 Geffen Baby Super Absorbers and a hemp insert.

An additional thought: When I received the package, I found on the package these diapers are labeled “absorbency level 3, 12-18 months and nighttime, absorbs approx. 8 – 9 oz”. There is even a chart on the package labeling showing the levels of absorbency. I would have really liked to see this in the online descriptions. If I had, I would have ordered the next absorbency up “Super Absorbers Plus”, slotted for 18-36 months. I know each child is unique in how much they pee at night (and every night is a bit different!), but such guidelines are so useful when figuring out a new product.

Yes, when I need something more absorbent, I will likely go back to Geffen Baby.

*my calculations — It came down to Geffen Baby vs Thirsties and I went with higher hemp content from there.

ebay gal — 2 layers, 4″ x 12″, 6 inserts, 55% Hemp, 45% cotton — fleece, $13 [$2.17 per insert, $1.08 per layer]

geffen baby — 5 layers, 5.5″ x 13.5″, 6 inserts, 60% hemp 40% cotton — fleece, $21.99 [$3.67 per insert, $0.73 per layer]
thirsties — 6 layers, 5″ x 12″, 2 inserts, 55% Hemp 45% cotton — jersey, $8.75 [$4.37 per insert, $0.73 per layer]


  1. Thanks. I am actually in this same boat and contemplating this ebay purchase although geffen baby has been on my mind. Do you mind posting the rest of that chart? My dd is 7 months old and a normal wetter imo and would like to see the lower end of their absorbency.

    • Here ya go: (first column is absorbency level)

      1 — 0-6 months and daytime -absorbs approx. 4.5 – 5 oz
      2 — 6 – 12 months and daytime -absorbs approx 6.5 – 8 oz
      3 — 12 – 18 months and nighttime -absorbs approx 8 – 9 oz
      4 — 18 – 36 months and nighttime -absorbs approx 9 – 10.5 oz

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