Changing the system

One thing I was reminded of, as we prepped for our trip was that one ought not change any systems right before leaving.

Late Monday morning, I put Little Man in a sposie diaper and washed *all* the diapers. I didn’t want to leave any wet diapers around, and we’d planned on using sposies for the trip, except the two nights we planned on backpacking in. As fortunes would show, I was quite lucky the hemp/cotton inserts I’d ordered arrived that morning, so they got into the wash as well.

Now, up to this point, Little Man had worn sposies one here, one there, but usually only one, rarely/never two in a row. But that Monday, but the second diaper change, his bottom was looking red and irritated. By the time I changed the third sposie, his skin was so irritated he cried as I wiped his bum and he had little blisters that bled (just a tiny bit). I pulled out a cloth diaper for the night. At the time, I didn’t know if it was the sposie or the poop (ya know — sometimes its the poop that irritates!). But I didn’t have time to figure it out, either!

But, the next morning, all blisters were gone and the bum in question was a smooth as a baby’s bottom should be.

The next morning we quick pulled the packages of sposies out of the car and I sat in the back with a basket of freshly washed diapers on my lap, which I folded slowly over the first hour of driving. Though the new inserts needed another 2 or 3 washes, I used them in the overnight diapers and they worked great! Those new inserts expanded my nighttime inserts so I could have 5 overnight diapers! Before I had the inserts (hemp ones) to put together only 3 diapers at a go.

Lesson learned. Don’t change the system all of the sudden when you don’t have time to make sure it works.

Here’s some of what I’ve figured out about traveling with cloth:

  • Its not all that bad, though poops on the road are a bit difficult to deal with.
  • Have lots of plastic bags. The kid you get from the store when checking out work great at keeping the smell contained when you tie them tight. If its not a poopy diaper, I will twist the bag closed and then tie it when I add a second diaper. Poopy diapers get solids dumped into the appropriate place (toilet or 6 inch hole), the into a bag that gets tied tight (yes, they will need to get dunked and swished or sprayed at some point before washing).
  • Pre-folds seem to travel the best. Flats are nice since they are fairly easy to wash and dry quickly.

My Dad and his wife let me wash the diapers at their house, which meant a 4 day stretch between washings. Not too bad. I did rinse the diapers at one camp ground about 3 days in, but unless you are able to let the dry, I’m not sure its worth it. It was dry there, but cool, so I ended up wrapping up the diapers in bags to save for washing. I guess rinsing them was good, though.

Questions? Please ask. I love the cloth diapers and am happy to talk about them!

Please do comment!

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