Back from the middle of no-where

Yep, seriously… the middle of no-where!

Back on March 18 or so, I picked up a project with my job that I had to crank out by that next Sunday. Made for a crazy week.

On Tuesday, March 26, we got up, not too early, and took off driving west. All the way to Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Its a beautiful place, for sure, but is seriously the middle of no-where. 55 miles from Carlsbad (the nearest city) and 114 miles from El Paso. And no cell reception, at all. But it was gorgeous. And major inhospitable  I’m really glad we don’t live out there. I promise more stories as the week continues.

I think this is Guadalupe Peak.

I think this is Guadalupe Peak.

Over that week, we camped at Pine Springs Campground (Guadalupe Mountains National Park), Rattlesnake Canyon (Carlsbad Caverns National Park) and Dog Canyon Campgrounds (Guadalupe Mountains National Park). It was a great time, for sure. And Little Man spend more time out doors than ever before in his short life, and he loved it. He got *so* dirty, slept so little, and got to poke a whole lot of nature with a stick.

Can you see all that dirt?

Can you see all that dirt?

We finished the trip with a few days in Lubbock with my Dad and his wife. That was a ton of fun and Little Man really enjoyed the time with Granddaddy and Grandmom. He even got to hunt Easter eggs Sunday afternoon.

I have a ton of stories to tell, and lots of good reflections. Here’s  a start:

-Don’t change your diapering system at the last minute just for a trip. Bad things happen.

-Don’t expect little boys to nap when its in a tent. Going to sleep at night is hard enough.

-The desert gets cold at night. And windy.

-If you see some nature, you ought to poke it with a stick.

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