Camping plans and preparations

I’m on a blogging roll this week!

Camping out…. take 2!

We set the tent up in the backyard and kept Little Man up past his normal bedtime. He even got to watch a Veggie Tales! Around 8 pm, we headed out to tent. We read our Bible story, prayed together, and we all laid down together. For the next hour, Hubby and I laid quietly while Little Man popped up and down, talking and telling us all the things he could see and hear. Barking dogs prompted the declaration of ‘puppy!’ and a rendition of ‘yip, yip, yip!’. As we heard the train in the distance, we were informed ‘train!’. When the stars started coming out (we didn’t put up the rain fly since the chances of rain were 0%), he declared ‘stars! moon!’. After about 45 minutes of this, he started trying to find his comfy spot, turning this way and that way on his sleeping bag. Finally, I realized he was asleep — at 9:08 pm. And, I realized Hubby was also asleep. So, I carefully guarded my little book light and read a magazine for about 20 minutes before I also laid down to try and sleep.

As Mom-mom, I was up fairly often to make sure Little Man was in his sleeping bag and well covered. Around 3 am, Little Man woke me as he said “Mom-mom, Mom-mom” and climbed into my sleeping bag with me. I have a mummy bag, which means it fits me rather close, which made it a tight fit with both of us. And it got hot. I was finally able to arrange myself so my arm wasn’t pinned and going to sleep. Around 430, I was able to move Little Man back to his own sleeping bag.

Around 630, I checked him again and realized we’d had a diaper mishap and his pjs were all wet. So, I tried to move him to my bag (which was warmer to the touch), but that woke him. So we went in to change his diaper and pjs. That elicited cries of “Daddy!”, so back out to the tent we went, which elicited cries of ‘home!’ :::sigh::: so in we went.

Overall, I think it was successful.

I’m also planning out our meals and such for our trip. I’ve got some meals to test and some items to dry. I’ve even got all fancy and made up a table in a document to plot the date, activities, gear, food and notes. Very helpful. I’m thinking I can use pillowcases for the changes of clothes needed at various points, or some such. Anyhoo, I’ve got some ideas, I’ll share them here as they develop and I test them.

Anyone else like to backpack… with a small child? I think we are blazing some new trails in this, there isn’t all that much out there in web-world on this topic. This is the best information I’ve found so far…, and there is a forum here. You might have to sign up to read all the threads, I forget.

So, please enjoy the resources (all 2 of them!), and let me know if you know of any more.


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