Book Review: Memory of Light

And another one!

A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time, #14; A Memory of Light, #3)A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

:::sniffle::: the series is over. I loved these books. We got to see the characters start as immature young adults in book 1 (the eye of the world) and in this book we see them ‘grown up’ and ready to what was needed to be done.

This book is all battle, but that’s not surprising. Its well done, though.

****SPOILER ALERT!!!******
On completely unneeded bit that only a dedicated reader would notice: all through the books, only Callandor is Sa’angreal with a buffer, and its presented as the only one of this type (buffer-less). All of the sudden, I think to give Egwene a fantastic death scene, the Sa’angreal she is using doesn’t have a buffer either. What! Really it wasn’t needed, Egwene had already made known how very tired she was and in an immediately preceding scene we’d seen another channeler burn herself out by channeling when she was really tired. And all previous wow-that-was-a-huge-amount-of-power moments (Lews Therin creating dragon mount, Queen Eldrene destroying all the trollocs and the city of Manetheren) were done sans-sa’angreal. Why should Egwene moment be any different (and in her death she achieve a huge bonus for the good guys).

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