Menu for March 10 to 16

I’m late on this, I know. But figured it was worth it anyways.

I’m trying out a new mealing planning format… well, just a different format to the paper I’m writing on. Its the ‘seven-day meal planner’ from It has spots for 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 snacks and 7 dinners with checkboxes. It doesn’t give space to specify days/dates for each meal. And I’m really just using the dinner section, so I guess I could convert the other meal categories to dinner lists and have one page for 4 weeks. Thinking on that.

Here’s my dinner list for this week:

  • green chile casserole (recipe from a friend, very yummy)
  • chicken pot pie (recipe from Not Your Mother’s Freezer Cookbook)
  • tacos (I’ve got defrosted ground beef in the fridge. Must use soon!)
  • pizza
  • roast chicken (with potatoes and gravy)

Yesterday, I roasted 2 chickens,  made extra potatoes and gravy and assembled 2 pot pies after dinner.

I’m also working to clean out the chest freezer so I can defrost it before we fill it with the quarter of a cow I just ordered. We loved having the meat before, and since the meat is about gone… time to buy more!

Also something new I’m doing this month is giving myself a specific number/amount and when I spend that much, I’m done. After looking at my budget for the last year, I decided on $300. My last 4 months were less than $300, but I’ve done a lot of cooking out of the freezer and pantry over these few months. I think it will be a bit more to keep my pantry stocked. Of course, Aldi’s will help. They’ve got bagels for $1.68 (or so)! That’s a great price! I updated my ‘best prices in Waco page’ to reflect the items I’ve checked.

Your menu for the week? Either leave your menu or your link in the comments! Let us inspire each other!



  1. Our menu:

    Shepherd Pie
    Turkey and dressing: bought a extra turkey around the holidays!
    Tacos casserole

    The green chile recipe does Samuel eat it?

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