A new store!

Here in Waco, we’ve been limited to HEB and Walmart for grocery shopping (though I also have a Sam’s membership). But last month, a new store opened — Aldi’s!

I’ve gotten there twice this week. First time I forgot my $5 off coupon, so I planned to get back to get the bulk of what I needed. Today, I got there and decided I am a total convert. As you know, I seek out the best price for what I want and Aldi’s has it on some things. I’ve updated the page “Best Prices in Waco” with those items I’ve figured out so far.

What I like about Aldi’s:

  • The store is small and simple.
  • There’s not 20 brands of every item to sort between (this is one reason I like Sam’s, too!)

Today I picked up a box of graham crackers, since we were dangerously low, of the Aldi’s brand. I am disappointed to report that they won’t do for me. But tomorrow we will see if Little Man** likes them or not. In the past, I’ve tried the Hill Country brand of Vanilla Wafers (the HEB brand) and didn’t like them… I have a very sensitive palate. Or perhaps I’m unreasonably picky? Anyhoo, I’m not the only one who matters any more!


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