What in the world is dinking?

So, after making ones of my March goals ‘limit online dinking to 1 hour or less each day’, I realized I needed to define ‘to dink’. I have a wide variety of tasks I do online, including email checking, blog reading, picture uploading, and project working for AB. Not all of these are dinking, in fact, very little of it is dinking. As I considered this concept of dink, I realized that dinking is purposeless, done out of boredom, random.

Therefore, I think my true goal is something more like ‘use facebook, email, google reader, pintrest, etc for mere distraction or boredom alleviation for, at most, 1 hour each day’ .

Purposeful use of facebook, email, google reader or pintrest won’t count as dinking. (Can being on pintrest ever be not-dinking? Yes, I check in with my HelloMornings Challenge group on facebook, and post links to my blog, and communicate with others.)

Of course, I could just be completely off base and in left field. What do you think?

And then I googled the word ‘dinking’ and found its already got several definitions to it. Consider this a new lexical item.


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