New goals for a new month

March has blown in with a chill. In fact, the heater ran for one cycle for the first time since December. Its been nice for the electric bill, but hard to believe we are reaching the end of the not-winter. I know its been rough for others with lots of extra snow, and I really shouldn’t be envious, but goodness, it would be nice to actually have winter.

Goals. I love making goals, and then a month like February hits and it feels futile. I didn’t do so hot with my goals in February.

February 2013 Goals

  1. Write Hubby a love note
  2. Finish reading ‘sheet music’
  3. Make 2 baby blankets, plus 1 for stash
  4.  Blog 10 times
  5. Maintain morning and bedtime routines
  6.  Get up at 6 am on weekday mornings
  7. Sew a skirt, pants or simple top

On the hand, I finished off a project with Academic Benchmarks (I started working on projects for them last December), I finished 2 other books, made good progress through a third book. I finished the little boy’s shirt that I acquired when it was half made (just had to sew the sleeves on and hem it). I mostly finished the wrap skirt given to me in the same box (it was all cut out, I just had to piece it together. Still need a few final stitches, then hem). I stayed busy with a sick boy (stomach bug and now snottty nose and grumpiness), though I stayed healthy myself (yea!). So, overall, the month was not in vain.

I’ve complained to Hubby a few times that we are out of the house too much, and why can’t I figure this out. Then, little boy gets sick and we are home — a lot. :::sigh:::. I recognize that I need to reach a point where I roll with the punches, take life one day at a time (even if I do plan ahead… be flexible!) and not keep thinking ‘when I finish this project…’, ‘when I’m home more…’, ‘when I…’ That kind of thinking will get me no where.

March Goals —

March 2013 Goals

  1. Write Hubby a love note
  2. Finish 2 books that are currently in progress
  3. Limit online dinking to 1 hour a day (total)
    1. Sort out blogs in reader to only the ones I really read and are good for me
    2. Unsubscribe emails – erewards, one roast veg
  4. Finish baby girl’s blanket, finish not-yet-born’s blanket
  5. Finish wrap skirt

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