lessons learned

I learned something the other day. I learned that bubble solution can make some awesome bubbles in the washer. And bubble solution is sticky messy to clean up.


The bubble solution we had wasn’t doing its job. So, I decided to try  making some of our own. I googled for a recipe, found some, picked one and went at it. I had a measuring cup with a little over 1 cup of liquid, about 1.5 parts dish soap to 3 parts water to 5 drops glycerin. It wasn’t doing great and I was thinking about what else to try with my back to the counter spot where the measuring cup was. Doctor Destructo is hollering ‘bubi! bubi! bubi!” the whole time, and then I hear a crash. I turn to see the over turned measuring cup and bubble solution running off the counter onto the floor. It might have been only a single cup of liquid, but a cup of liquid is a lot to clean up. Doctor D, I guess, decided Mom-mom wasn’t producing enough bubbles fast enough, so he was going to take it all into his own hands. Not only did his hands get bubble solution, but he got some in his mouth. Poor boy.

So, after a moan, I grab a stack of floor towels (that I don’t fold any more) and start cleaning. I never imagined bubble solution would be so difficult to clean up. But clean it up I did. And tossed all those towels, plus our bathroom rug, into the washer. A front loading washer. You know, the one that likes low sud washing detergents. I didn’t add any more soap, turned the machine to normal cold/cold and set it going.

The wall of bubbles that confronted me when I first opened the washer was… unbelievable. It was like foam — open-celled foam. The pictures don’t do it justice, plus I forgot to take a picture of a just opened washer. I scooped out as much foam as I could, and set the washer to another normal cold/cold no spin wash. And a third normal cold/cold wash. After the third wash, I did another rinse/spin run and then a drain/spin run before everything felt and smelled bubble solution free.

In conclusion, I purchased bubble solution at the dollar store. I’m not ready to deal with the consequences of trying to make my own. Doesn’t help that the next day I discovered the solution had dripped into the drawer. That was messy. :::sigh:::

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