Menu Making and Menu for Feb 24 to Mar 2

First, our menu for Feb 24 to Mar 2 —

Sunday — leftovers and OYO (on-your-own)

MondaySalmon croquettes, cous cous, and salad (If I feel so inclined that night) {there are cans of salmon and jar of cous cous languishing in the pantry}

Tuesday — Meatloaf (from Better Homes and Garden cookbook), mashed potatoes {should use the ground beef, since that’s whats in the freezer}

Wednesday — parmesaen breaded chicken with marinara sauce (chicken recipe from a friend, marinara sauce from a can), oven fries, salad {ditto for the chicken, use what’s in the freezer}

Thursday — leftovers, OYO

Friday — pizza {its tradition}

Saturday — leftovers, OYO

{these notes are the ‘why’ I picked this option}

If you happened to have seen last week’s menu, you will see I planned more meals this week. There is rhyme to my madness, I promise. See, I know that salmon croquettes don’t produce much in the way of leftovers and cous cous isn’t something that Hubby just loves to eat. So, I know that I need another good leftover meal soon after (leftovers are lunch for Hubby and fillers for other nights). Between meatloaf (a most excellent leftover meal) and the chicken, Hubby is set for lunches the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Several months ago, I printed up the whole series of planning meals from Like Mother, Like Daughter. I have loved it and use it every single time I sit down to write out a menu. The master menu is such a help as I can start with a list of meal options instead of a completely blank slate. Add in that I’m trying to cook primarily from the freezer, and my options are rather limited — which is good for me since I’m a poor decision maker. Know Thyself! — best advice I’ve ever gotten. 

And you, dear reader, what is your menu for this next week?


One comment

  1. Sunday – We ate out because we were on the road home.
    Monday – Spaghetti w/meatballs (ground turkey meatballs) and broccoli
    Tuesday – Bean quesadillas and salad
    Wednesday – Salmon patties, carrots and snap peas, and rice
    Thursday – Taco salad
    Friday – Balsamic chicken and cheesy cauliflower
    Saturday – Salad and grilled cheese sandwiches

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