Our Menu for Feb 18 to 24

A few friends indicated they would appreciate menu ideas, so here’s my week’s menu.  Keep in mind this is a unique week, as we have a university guest Tuesday to Thursday, so there is more eating out going on than usual. Also, I don’t plan breakfast or lunch. Breakfast items are kept around(ramen, bagels, cereal, toast, breakfast burritos), and lunch is leftovers or sandwiches, unless I get the hankering for something particular. 😛


BBQ pineapple pork (freezer meal) (I’m still looking for the link — its a pork loin, 1 bottle of BBQ sauce and 1 can of cubed pineapple in a ziplock bag. Freeze. Defrost and put in crockpot on low for 6 to 8 hours)

oven fries



eating out


Hubby eating out, simple-simple for Doctor D and I


French Beef Stew

mashed potatoes








I usually plan to alternate meal-leftovers as I tend to cook so that we have leftovers. Hubby takes them for lunch, and it makes for easier evenings for me. Its likely to change as Doctor D gets older and as our family grows, I figure.

This brings up a good point — any recipe, generally, must make for good leftovers. Some meals leave over very nicely and others, well, don’t.

And, about half the time, by the time we reach Saturday or Sunday, the leftovers are just gone and I come up with an improvised meal. Good options are mac-n-cheese, spaghetti, salmon croquettes, breakfast for dinner, or grilled sandwiches.

So, what’s your week’s menu?


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  1. I LOVE breakfast for dinner! I’m getting to the posting party late…but I’ll go ahead and post what we had last night for dinner:

    Monday – Oven fried chicken, sauteed balsamic broccoli and tomatoes, brown rice
    Tuesday – Salmon patties, salad, and snap peas
    Wednesday – Turkey sandwiches, fruit (probably a mix of strawberries, oranges, and grapes), and chips
    Thursday -Turkey burgers, baked sweet potato fries, salad
    Friday – Saturday we’re visiting my parents
    Sunday – Chicken wraps (I’ll probably buy a rotisserie chicken) fruit/carrot sticks

    I try and make leftovers but they usually don’t go any further than the next day’s lunch. There is a blog that I sometimes read called This Week For Dinner where she does just what you’ve done. She posts her weeks meal plan and encourages others to do the same in the comments. She also posts lots of recipes and takes amazing pictures of food. 🙂

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