Things I’ve learned today

1. Watching the panic of a small child who is throwing up and doesn’t understand what is going on is one of the roughest things I’ve had to do. I hate not being able to fix this. (both the panic and the vomiting)

2. Vomit is really hard to get out of carpet.

3. I’m so thankful for running water and TV.

4. Getting packages makes any day better.

5. Watching a sleeping child can make my day. Seeing him sleeping on the sofa having fallen asleep while watch Thomas is just precious.

You might have guessed that it was a hard day. Doctor D threw up for the first time Tuesday afternoon…. all down my right side and on to the carpet. After which he was back to his normal energetic self and ate normally that evening. He went to be with everything hunky-dory. Later, we went to bed. Soon after, as in within 30 minutes, we heard Doctor Destructo cry. But he stopped and went back to sleep rather quickly, so I didn’t think much of it. Within another 20 minutes, he started crying again and it sounded a bit more frantic this time. As I opened his door, he threw up over the side of the crib. He’d already thrown up in the crib and all over his blankets. And, of course, the other end was active to. We got it all cleaned up and worked on getting Doctor D back to sleep. Of course, his poor panicked self wanted nothing with being put back in his crib, so we laid on the couch. Then in our bed. Finally, I put him back in his crib and all was good…. until about 430 am.

Then it all started. The brunt of this stomach bug hit from about 5 am to 8 am. Why is it that stomach bugs hit hardest during this time? At least, that’s when they hit me the hardest. But when Hubby left for school about 830, the worst had passed. Doctor D slept in small chucks (45 minutes or so) and watched Thomas the Tank Engine between.

Luckily by about 230 pm, he was mostly back to normal. He napped again, on the sofa from about 330 to 5, and has gone to bed easily for the night. Here’s to hoping its all done with. And I can get to bed early.

I promise more details in a separate post about the very awesome and random package I got today.


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