A Trip to the Zoo

guest post by Doctor Destructo

Looking at Owls

Looking at Owls

Last Tuesday, I decided I didn’t want to take a nap, so Mom mom decided we go to the zoo. I love the zoo, there are so many animals to look at! Lions! Giraffes! and, best of all, OWLS! It took for.e.ver to get the nocturnal animal building, where they keep the owls, bats, racoons and skunks. But when we got there…. oh, it was great!


more owls


So many owls!

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

The bats were pretty neat too. At first, I thought they were just small owls, but Mom mom explained they they are mammals, not birds.

From there, we saw jaguars and wolves and then…. wait for it…. snakes! These dudes were so cool.

looking at snakes

looking at snakes


Will this step give me a better look?


Its so …. snake.


walking along. seeing lots of animals.

I walked so much and it was nearly all outside. That was a ton of fun. After the reptiles, we saw giraffes, greater kudus, rhinoceroses, and lions. We even got to hear the lioness ‘talk’. Very cool. We saw the tiger and 2 orangutans.

It was a fun day.


Mom-mom thought these guys were really neat to watch.


more rhinocerotes


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