further comments on early rising and such

I realized I needed to say something more on early rising. Especially when Doctor D slept for nearly an hour after I got up today. 😛

His tendency to get up with us isn’t the whole reason I struggle to get up on the “early” side. (what is early? 7 am? 5 am?) See, I love sleep. I really do. Its glorious. Stories are told of Christmas mornings when I had to be woken up because everyone else was up but me. I love naps. I find I am happiest with 8 to 9 hours at night and 1/2 to 1 hour in the afternoon. Though that tends to shift me to a 25 hour day and that creates all sorts of issues. (Found this out while living in China when I didn’t have any classes, nor anything to actually do for a few weeks one summer. I read a lot, ate good food, slept when I was tired and got up when I was done sleeping. Though a bit lonely, those were fun days.)

We have one friend who has figured out that she is happiest with closer to 10 hours a night. She has decided that she’s happy to live on lots of coffee. I don’t handle more than 2 or 3 cups a day very well, and though I like the taste of coffee enough that if I just drink as I want, I can get 4 cups and up. That’s a bad thing. For me, at least. I try to purposely limit myself to 1, maybe 2, cups a day.

So, all that to say that its not all Doctor Destructo’s fault I don’t get up early.

Little Home in the Country hit the nail on the head. More often than not, its a lack of self-discipline on my part. When I’m weighed down with the warmmies and the room is chilly, my flesh is weak. And my spirit isn’t necessarily all that willing in those moments. I just want a bit more sleep, is what I tell myself.

I’m not sure what will give me that motivation I need to get myself my during those early morning hours. Maybe I’ll figure it out. Hopefully on the sooner side!


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