Early Rising

I like getting up early, at least in theory. I’ve read a fair bit recently, with the new year and all, about the benefits of getting up early and making use of those quiet hours. Goodness, that sounds wonderful to me and is so attractive. However, we have an odd kink in our household.

Doctor D tends to get up when we do. We’ve noticed that if we sleep in, he sleeps in. If we get up early, he gets up early. Very frustrating.

I love the idea of getting up in a dark house, brewing my coffee, reading and praying a bit, get some exercise, shower up, then have Doctor D join me and Hubby for breakfast. I love the idea of having the house to myself, the quiet of me alone being up.

Just today, I have started thinking about what I can do to help Doctor D sleep longer. I kinda think he hears our alarms go off; I will wake to a fairly quiet alarm, but Hubby  needs a bit more noise. And Doctor D’s room shares a wall with our room. And why did I think it was great that this house didn’t have ‘wasted space as a hallway”? Things to note for the ‘next house’. In the past week, he discovered the sound machine. We used it a lot when he was much younger, but stopped. Now, he loves to have it on. Or at least it sure seems he loves having it on. He particularly loves the “womb” sounds. But that was on through last night and Doctor D was up within 10 minutes of Hubby and I (like 630, which meant a two nap day, hopefully, since he went down for his first nap at 1020). Maybe we need to put a fan in his room, or some such. Gotta think on this.

I feel that if Doctor D was just an early riser, I could deal. But this is frustrating. Maybe the getting-up-before-everyone-else just isn’t for me in our family. Ah, :::sigh:::.

Thoughts appreciated, especially if you have ideas or advice or encouragement.


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