Yep, It’s starting to look like Christmas around here

Except that it’s getting up into the 70s each day, which makes it feel very not-Christmas.

I have started the quest to put up Christmas decorations. Let’s offer the summary and say “its very different with a toddler around”. You know my desire to scrutinize each tradition and decide what should be apart of our Christmas celebration. At the same time, there are things that ‘we’ve always done’ (as in, the family I grew up in, not my now-family) and it would be very hard to not do some of those things. So far, I’ve resisted buying eggnog, but that is because of the extra 10 lbs I’m carrying around on hips these days. Of course, that leaves me tempted to try making eggnog… that is another post, I think.

So, on Sunday, only 1 day late, I got the advent calendar up. It’s a train, and this is what I grew up with.


all the stuff up top will eventually switch to Christmas stuff, I hope

Growing up we we usually hang candy canes on it and take them off each day. When I was in Junior High or High School, Mom, my sister and I sewed little stockings so we could put other things (like hair bands, barrettes or hershey kisses) on the calendar. When Mom died, my sister got the train, which then passed to me a few years ago. Unfortunately, the stockings disappeared somewhere along the way, but those can be made again with little stress. For now, though, I have been handing little ornaments on the train and taking them off and putting them on the tree each day. Doctor Destructo is absolutely fascinated by them, especially the one that is made of bells. I’m trying to think if there is a better place to put it, but haven’t thought of one yet. I talked to Doctor D about the calendar as I put it up, telling him that we use this to count down to the day we celebrate Jesus’s birth.

Today, I put up our tree. It’s a little 3 ft artificial prelite tree. So easy to pop it out of the box, put the two pieces together and, bam, its done. Plug it in and you are done. For all those who aghast that I would use an artificial tree, don’t worry, I still have little needles all of the floor around the tree, they are just fake needles.


Looks a bit pitiful in the picture.

Its already been knocked down 4 or 5 times and its only been up for 3 (maybe?) hours. Three times were the fault of kittens, not Doctor Destructo. I’m using the simple, stuffed ornaments that are at least as old as I am (I think my Mom made them when she and Dad were first married), since if Doctor D throws them or sits on them, they won’t be damaged. Yes, I think all have been thrown at least once this morning despite my instructions “don’t throw the ornaments”. :::sigh::: On the plus side, the tree has completely distracted him from the advent calendar!

As ‘we’ put the tree up, I told Doctor Destruco that in many places it gets very cold by this time and the only things that are green are the evergreen trees. We use an evergreen tree to remind us of life even when everything seems dead. This is appropriate because Jesus offers us eternal life, and we can let the tree remind us of that. We put lights on the tree, to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. And it’s traditional to put ornaments on the tree.

Doctor D got to add the angel, Joseph, Mary and a donkey to the nativity set. We told the story as the angel appeared to Mary and then Joseph, and Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem which got the donkey included. Doctor Destructo seems to like the angel best, especially after I showed him how it will sit on the top of the stable on the button that starts the music.

Slowly the decorations come out. There are plenty more yet veiled!


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  1. Very nice! It looks like the perfect size tree. When Pete was little, we had a year where we wired it to the ceiling so he couldn’t knock it over. Like the seasonal

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