The words abound!

Doctor Destructo is gaining words at lightening speed these days. Currently, he is adding nouns and figuring out the verb “go”.

On Tuesday, when the Hubby was leaving for school, we were talking about how Daddy is going to work. To which Doctor D responded “Daddy go.”

Last night, while putting him to bed, he said “Mom mom go?” to which I said “no, I’m not going anywhere, but you are going to bed.”

Today, while reading “Miss Spider’s ABC” (one of his favorite books), he said ‘night night go’ at the page where the net-wings nap (the “N” page). I love seeing him generalize the previous grammatical forms! Though I did comment back “yep, the net-wings are going night night.”

We are also working on increasing our ASL vocabulary. Doctor D already has ‘all done’ and ‘more’ down, and its so convenient, so I’m working to add again, read, yogurt, banana and a slew of others. Its a bit on the late side, but I figure worth doing. I’ve learned most of our signs from this gal on youtube. (

As a linguist, watching language development first hand is so much fun!


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