Such a lovely day

Well, it has been a nice day. After a long nights rest (and it was long and beautiful) I dragged myself out of bed thinking, ‘here we go’. I was disciplined enough to be up long enough before Doctor Destructo that I was dressed, teeth brushed and ready for my coffee when we heard him stir. He is generally up between 630 and 7, so its not like I can get much of a leisure morning without getting up at some ungodly early time. But life got going, we had a bagels for breakfast, and we got Daddy out the door at a reasonable time.

I decided our days might just go better if I have a better grasp on what we do when. I have plenty of ideals and goals, but I hardly ever reach them. But today, I decided, we were going to try something new. I wrote out a ‘theoretical’ schedule while we ate breakfast, with some ‘to do’ items off to the side. I based my format on the #chosingpeace daily schedule page. I used this in the past, out grew it, but I think that this is what I need right now. At the bottom of the page, I started a list of ‘actual dones” — because I often get a lot done, just not what’s on my list.

The naughty kitty who steals peppers, cheerios, and anything else she can.

So far, our day has looked little like the ‘theoretical’ day I wrote out at breakfast, but Doctor D got nearly 2 hours outside this morning (and I got work done on the garden and in the yard and we went for a walk), I had the kitchen cleaned up after breakfast, and its now ready for dinner prep (as in nice and cleaned up) and Doctor D is down for a second nap! That’s a special day.

The kitty who stepped on the hot burner. Singed all his foot hairs on bottom and burned two pads enough to blister. They are looking okay, though, thank goodness.

I’m finding that once Doctor D is down, I crash. As in, I just want to veg. Or at least, dink around online. You know, check email, read all the blogs in my reader, follow a few interesting links, catch up on facebook, look up that recipe I’ve been meaning to check out… some of which are necessary and some of which is just messing around. I’m thinking hard about what a good balance is. One should take some down time, but what is the best use of that time? I suspect that reading my Bible, journalling, or just being quiet would be a better use. But I do enjoy my online time and I”m getting better about not grabbing online time while Doctor D is calling for my attention.

All I found under the stove. Includes a drum stick, 2 lids, 5 shriveled peppers, a pen, coffee beans, a toy mouse, a plug cover, and a pop sickle stick. Mostly the cat’s fault, not Doctor D’s.

The end of the year approaches, resolutions will be made, goals formed and inner discipline called on. I love making goals and resolutions, but I’m pretty bad about keeping up with them. And, just perhaps, I should start this season of goal setting with a time of thanksgiving (yes, pun intended!). I have a fair bit to be thankful for, and that seems a good place to start.

Daddy and Doctor D watching dance videos on youtube. It was a ton fun! And notice that girly long hair (on Doctor D, not Daddy). I think Phobos is thinking, “could I eat that person? They are small enough, I think.”

Woo – hoo! Hair cut. and today I realized the best reason boys should have short hair — easy-peasy to brush the dirt out.



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