Cling Days

Yep, its one of those days. Well, sort of.

Doctor Destructo has decided he should be the center of all attention. Which means whatever I’m doing, he is there trying to get involved. Thus, the further venture into baby wearing.

I also did a survey on baby wipes earlier. When asked what brand of baby wipes we use, I clicked ‘other: I use wipes made from old t-shirts”. The subsequent questions where pretty funny after that, where the survey substituted the brand name for “I use wipes made from old t-shirts” in questions about my attitude towards the baby wipes we use. In the free response questions, I hope they get a shock at some of my answers  — “Thanks for the faulty assumption on your part that all parents use disposable wipes” was my favorite. I was told that the wipes I use are made of ‘synthetic fibers’ and the survey wanted to know if I’d be more likely to use wipes made with cotton. I reminded them, again, that t-shirts are generally cotton, so they couldn’t assume that my wipes weren’t made of cotton. I generally enjoy surveys and I particularly enjoyed that they gave a few free response questions (instead of just click boxes or radio buttons).
Fun days, wouldn’t you say?


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