Amusing Episodes

Doctor Destructo is quite cute and frustrating sometimes.

–On our quick trip to visit my folks, we stopped at Sonic on the way up. Dr. D wouldn’t touch or try the popcorn chicken. We stopped at Sonic on the way home, as well. He loved the chicken strips, and ate a whole one all by himself.

–He’s figured out that dirty dishes go in the sink. He can be quite helpful. Only, how he’s taking the storage containers from the cabinet and putting them in the sink.

–His first 2 word phrase is “go outside”, which sounds more like ‘o ou-tide’. He regularly points in some direction and says ‘ou-tide?”. Not sure if he’s asking to go outside or just stating that that’s where the outside is.

–He just found the Wii balance board under the sofa and has pulled it out. He’s now trying to pick it up and walk around with it. Now, he putting it back under the sofa and pulling it back out. Oh, boy.

–He loved watching/hearing the windows open and close in the car yesterday. That and turning the dome light on and off where his favorite games, I think.

–He loved the peanut butter and honey sandwich on sourdough bread.

–He loves the radio and playing music CDs. In fact, he will point and start dancing to tell us he wants the radio turned on. He also likes watching TV, but we don’t indulge that.

–Chilly temps didn’t squash his desire to play in the water outside this morning. It was 50’ or so when we went out.



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  1. Huck has also asked to play in the water this weekend when it was chilly outside. I didn’t indulge him, but mostly because I didn’t want to stay outside myself!

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