Cost of stuff

Now, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what ‘stuff’ should generally cost. I can pick out a good deal on food and clothes fairly quickly (usually), and a bit of internet research sometimes helps inform my ignorance.

I also love the idea of supporting WAHMs (work at home moms). I am one of those (sort of) and am always thinking “could I sell this”? But as I look around the market of WAHM items, I’m struck by the cost of the items. One blog I follow,, regularly reviews diapering items, many of them WAHM made. And each time, my jaw drops at what one costs. For example, today, she reviewed a pair pants that are designed to fit over a bulky diaper and be comfy (its true that most  baby pants don’t do well over a cloth diaper, especially if your baby has any chunk to him/her). Great idea, I think. How much? $23 for a single pair of pants. No, that’s not extremely expensive, but more than I’m willing to pay for baby clothes. And more than I’m willing to pay for a clothing item for me!

Then, there is the baby wearing crowd. I love the idea of baby wearing, though it didn’t happen as much with Dr. D when he was little. Now, he would rather run around than be carried. Alas, my good reasons to get another carrier are going the way of the running toddler. One seller I follow on facebook advertized a ‘previously loved carrier set, includes the carrier, a hood, and [something else]’ for…. take a guess, $300! I have an hard time accepting that a baby carrier should cost more than my computer or my mixer.

I am finding myself wanting some new clothes, but not wanting to go and buy any. I’d really like to make them myself. I saw a tunic top I like, and followed the link to the pattern…. $15! Now, if I end up making this top at least three times, it might be worth it. And compared to $20 or $30 for a top at the store, if I get fabric at a decent price, its not a bad deal. But talk about sticker shock. (fellow sewologists, I’m I just completely off my rocker about the price of this pattern?)

I’m suffering from sticker shock so often these days, I’m beginning to wonder if my ideas what stuff should cost, like clothes, is too low. :::sigh::: I hate having to adjust my expectations.

What do you think? And yes, you can tell me that I’m too much a tightwad and I just need to get over it. I can handle it. 😛


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  1. Well I suffer from the same sticker shock, but I think most mine comes from the fact I frequent the second hand stores way too often, I do find great stuff at great prices, so when I happen to find myself in the clothing department of walmart or target, I just am shocked at how much something costs, without being on sale, and even more shocked, that ppl actually spend that money!

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