Faking Nilla Wafters

I love Nilla Wafters. I love them with milk (dipped, of course), with peanut butter on them, and all by themselves. But I realized very quickly as I watched my budget that I spend about $12 a month just on Nilla Wafers. If this was my only vice, that’s not too bad, really. But I thought I’d see if I could find a cheaper way to satisfy this desire. (Doctor Destructo also likes, and so does Hubby.)

So, I sought a recipe. I found several. And I decided on one.

The recipe says to have butter at room temp, but 80′ was, I think, too warm, so ‘softened at room temp for an hour’ might be a better state for the butter to be at. The batter was quite sticky, likely because of extra soft butter. As the first sheet baked, I realized how big I’d made the cookies, so I cut the lumps of dough in half on the 2nd sheet.

The recipe also said to set the oven at 350′, but I turned it up to 375′ for the 2nd sheet to get a crispier cookie.

The cookies are quite good, but they aren’t Nilla Wafers. In fact, these cookies remind me of cookie press cookies, which I love, but they were easier (though I guess I could just use the cookie scoop on cookie press cookie dough….) Ya know, cookie press cookie dough is much thicker so it will keep its shape as you press it from the cookie press. Might be worth trying cookie press dough scooped for a simple round cookie…. ooo, fun thoughts. Dr. D also liked them, though I’m not surprised at that.

Upon reflection, I realized that Nilla Wafers remind me not of a cookie, but of a funny shaped biscotti. So, I am off to explore possible biscotti recipes and techniques for my next try.


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