Introducing Doctor Destructo

Its official, the nickname must change. “Peanut” is great for the little ball of cuteness that is mostly stationary. Even crawling, “Peanut” still seemed appropriate. Even when he began moving (and hasn’t stopped since), it still seemed mostly appropriate.

But we have reached a certain point in development such that “Peanut” is no longer appropriate.

The pedi assures me this is quite normal, and merely ‘boy’ (I think that was his official diagnosis). Symptoms include: the inability to stop moving; the desire to hit anything against everything; the love of the outdoors and all things dirty; the desire to tear or crumple anything made of paper; the strange ability to get yogurt in the oddest places; communication consisting of grunts at different pitches and intonations such that 5 different grunts have 5 distinct meanings*; the overwhelming to desire to splash water on everything; love of the spray bottle and getting sprayed in the face; and the regular attempts at running (even though it usually means a face-plant into the floor).

Coming in at 21 lbs and 2′ 9.2″ is….. [drum roll] DOCTOR DESTRUCTO!!!!!!

[cue ‘Eye of the Tiger’]

Did you really think you could catch me on film?

Waa-ha-ha, the computer is mine! I will conquer the world now!

You caught me this time, but never again!

Should you see him coming, be afraid, very afraid.



  1. Yes, boys seem very intent on destroying anything and everything in their path. At least he’s not taking it out on you. 🙂

  2. I came over here from To Love Honour and Vaccum – I just had to click on the link because I called my son “Destructo D” when he was that age (his first name is David). Your little guy even looks a lot like my son at that age too! My son is now 7, and while he has calmed down considerably he still has a lot of energy and is so different from his 4 year old sister.

    • Thanks for stopping in! I’ve gotten the impressions from books and others, this is quite normal and just being a boy. Sometimes I wonder if he is more active than other boys, but I think that is just me thinking of him is extra special (well, he is to me!). And I love hearing from others about their sons.

      Again, thanks for dropping in and leaving a note.

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