Nothing a soak in ACV and a cup of coffee won’t fix

I’ve mentioned it before… I hate ants. Honestly. I dislike them so very much that I hate them. Why? They bite. They go out of their way to bite. And it hurts. And it itches.

Add to it that I’m just frustrated with heat and grass and weeds and big cracks in the yard and a little boy who wants to be outside ALL the time even though its 107′ out and who picked up a cold somewhere, and you can see how the morning has been rough.

This has never been a drastically deep, emotional or spiritual blog, but today it will be.

I finally stopped, after having an emotional breakdown (that just involves tears and a bit of babbling to myself), and prayed “Lord, help me to live out of the place of your joy in what you’ve done for me, saving me from my sin and eternal separation from you. Help me to live out of the place of joy in being reconciled to you. Give me the strength to live out of the place of peace that you give me — peace that passes all understanding.”

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Then stopped Peanut from rolling off the changing pad, and I was thankful he laid still as long as he did.

During his nap, I’ve let my feet soak in apple cider vinegar. I’ve been doing this for my ‘ooky toe’ (toe nail fungus) as I’d read it should help, and in the process found that it neutralized ant bite hurts. Awesome. So, here I am, letting my feet soak, thinking about a nice hot cup of coffee (even though its upper 80s outside and not even 10 am — cold front coming through!)

And there is Peanut, letting me know he’s awake. So, I’m off.

May your day be filled with joy and peace.


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