New Household Additions

Today, we added 2 new members to our household…


Meet Phobos and Deimos. Phobos is the one on top of the chair. She is darker, gray with black stripes and brown accents, while he, Deimos is a lighter grew with stripes mostly on his legs and underside, and white accents.

The names are the moons of Mars. Phobos is the bigger moon, so that name went to the bigger cat (even though Deimos is all of 1.15 lbs and Phobos is 2.1 lbs). In Greek Mythology, these are the two sons of Aries. Phobos means ‘fear’ (think phobia) and Deimos means ‘terror’. We had a hard time thinking of better names for two small, cuddly kittens.

Phobos is female and Deimos is male. We are pretty sure they are litter mates as they were brought into the Human Society at the same time and were housed in the same bin. They are about  two and a half months old and have done quite well with the litter box so far today (we’ve only been home with them for 5 or 6 hours, so we will see).

So far, Peanut really likes them, but is a bit freaked out by them at times. Especially when they get to playing and are rolling and tackling each other. Hubby isn’t used to the poky claws yet, and I’ve clipped all of Phobos’s front claws and one paw of Deimos’s front claws. We got a ‘cat tree’ with some sisal rope posts, so they have a place to scratch. We’ve learned at Deimos is not a ‘lap kitty’, he’s a ‘collar-kitty’.

Now, Deimos is asleep on Hubby, and Phobos is trying to play with the keys on lappy. She’s a feisty one!


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