Peanut loves corn. We realized how very much when we had corn at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We were all playing outside when Grandpa decided to go ahead and shuck the corn. Peanut noticed the corn, and knew what was going on. So over he crawled to check it out. And try to help shuck the corn. But when I wouldn’t let him eat the corn, he was pretty unhappy. Someone mentioned that raw corn won’t hurt him, so we let him go for it. After two bites, he wasn’t so sure he liked the corn.

Boy, was Peanut eager come dinner time. He’s not the most patient of little boys; after all, currently 5 minutes is a much larger portion of his life than of mine (so I must remember when I want him to be patient). At first, I cut the kernels off the cob as I usually do, but once the cob cooled, we let him have at it. He seemed to really enjoy it!

At first, he left the cob on the table and tried to eat off it there.

Then, with help, he ate some more.

Finally, he figured out how to hold the cob and eat the corn. Unfortunately, he wasn’t so good about turning the cob.

In the end I finally cut off the kernels from the cob and he finished it. Of course, he had some bratwursts and bun, too, and liked those. But I don’t think he loved them the way he loves corn.


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